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Sales: 30-60-90 Day Plan


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A very simple and fresh approach to a 30-60-90 day plan for sales reps in technology and software. Easy on the eyes, standard content.

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Sales: 30-60-90 Day Plan

  1. 1. 90 Day Business Plan For – Pittney Bowes Inc May 7 2013 Tim Heyer (704) 340-4031
  2. 2. Business Plan Outline  90 Day Territory Objectives  Orientation / Training  Lead Generation  Prospect Visits  Pipeline Generation  Closing Business  Summary
  3. 3. 90 Day Territory Objectives  Orientation - Week one at PB– key personnel and support staff  Learn target market and prospects as currently positioned by PB Company  Immediately begin to generate Quality Leads and target 10 major accounts  Get in front of prospects  Generate pipeline - 4x quota  Build relationships and Close Business
  4. 4. Personal Training  Learn PB Company portfolio  Understand Value-Added Services positioning  Understand Competition  Utilization of all Marketing Materials  Social Media Usage  I work well in heavily matrixed organizations
  5. 5. Lead Generation  Identify target accounts in territory  Utilize existing rolodex contacts, PB Company inside personnel and use PB Company Systems (CRM, etc)  Business Journals, Hoovers, LinkedIn, etc  Work with internal sales resources  Use ABC model for pipeline, “Killer B’s”  Employ “Playbook” for 10 deals
  6. 6. Prospect Visits  Get in front of prospects ASAP – learn about current SLAs, who currently provides service  Target Face-to-Face (FTF) meetings, 2 per week  Understand a prospect’s business, who makes the decisions and what are the current “pain points”  Expand on relationships/contacts at C- and Director Levels  Educate prospect – make it simple, make it theirs  Use of any available Reference Accounts  Focus on XYZ Company solutions - Value-Add and Customer Satisfaction
  7. 7. Pipeline Generation  Qualify each prospect early on  Align with the decision maker  Conduct opportunity assessments  Move prospect to next stage with each meeting  Stay on top of all opportunities  Use “Playbook” with 10 plays  Farm and hunt, must eat every day
  8. 8. Closing Business  Properly/quickly counter any objections  Shorten the Sales Cycle by being Creative and Thinking “Outside the Box”  Sell Value and emphasize improved profits and accelerated ROI  Ask for the business early  Be confident, aggressive and persistent  Most importantly - CLOSE the BUSINESS!
  9. 9. In Summary  Hunt and farm to eat (Killer B’s”)  Do my homework  Align with everyone at PB on a strategy  Follow sales (CRM) process  Develop strong business case  Get rid of competition early  Price it to win the first time  Lather, rinse and repeat