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Information system of Uber

use value chain to analyze Uber's information system

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Information system of Uber

  1. 1. Business Information System of Uber Sisi Lin Weiwei Lin Lei Deng Mengjie Zheng
  2. 2. Introduction of Uber • An international transport network company • Founded in 2009 •Can be used in around 64 countries •Give customers & drivers more flexible life
  3. 3. The Business Information Value Chain
  4. 4. Product Development For drivers • Uber X • Uber XL • Uber Exec GIS TPS Mapping 1. Cashless payment 2. rank
  5. 5. For customers • Uber X • TAXI • BLACK • SUV • LUX GIS TPS Location 1. Promotion code 2. Cashless payment 3. Feedback matters Product Development
  6. 6. Marketing & Sales • Uber is like a platform link the driver and the customer. • The way it works is simple: you use an iPhone or Android App to register, and order a Uber car. You are kept informed by your app/text messages on the status of your cab. After you are done with your ride, the cost of the ride is automatically deducted from your credit card.
  7. 7. • The new user can get a discount code for the first purchasing. • An open API that enables other applications to reserve cabs for people. This could be useful for Apps such as ’How About We for Couples’ which plans monthly dates for couples. Arrive and leave in style Marketing & Sales
  8. 8. Operations of Uber • Develop process to allow the business to operate and grow • Analyses driver and rider metrics to properly allocate supply, guide driver incentive programs • Decide which project should be concentrated • Evaluate the economic and strategic costs and benefits of driver incentive programs
  9. 9. • Driver Support. Manage the day-to-day issues of thousands of drivers on our system • Take ownership of Uber‘s growth in their city and do whatever it takes to get the job done • Take on new opportunities like launching a new market, spinning off a new product line Operations of Uber
  10. 10. Passenger: pick up loction safe pickup split fare (TPS,GIS) fare estimate see drivers'profiles help center rate and feedback about your ride(TPS,MIS) } (GIS) } (TPS) Customer Service
  11. 11. Drivers: no random pickups get pickup location cashless transaction personal account training rate and feedback about your ride(TPS,MIS) } (GIS) } (TPS) Customer Service
  12. 12. Policy & Claims management of Uber • Contact with claimants , drivers, passengers and witness when there is a new claim • On behalf of claimants • Based on case facts • The role interacts with claimants, drivers, passengers, attorneys, insurers, and third party claims administrators throughout the claims management process