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Task 3 genre research and audience expectations


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Task 3 genre research and audience expectations

  1. 1. Where did the pop-rock genreoriginate? What are its roots? Giveexamples of early artists of this genre.In the 1970’s, artists such as TheEagles, Fleetwood Mac, The Three Dog Night andThe Bee Gees all had a pop-rock element to theirmusic. The Three Dog Night were the earliestartists to release this type of music and they were"one of the most popular bands of the late Sixtiesearly Seventies; pop rock, singles-oriented soundwith soul-influences”. Pop-rock originated in the1960s in the United Kingdom and in the UnitedStates of America.
  2. 2. How has pop-rock evolvedover time?Since the mid 1990’s, pop-rock has become more popularand it is classed as the most successful genres of rock musicin the 21st century. When pop-rock first came into the musicindustry, it wasn’t a very popular genre and there were verylittle artists that associated themselves with the genrehowever, now there are lots of different artists that classthemselves as pop-rock artists such as Kelly Clarkson, AvrilLavigne, Maroon 5 and Pink. Clearly the genre has becomemore well-known and its popularity is increasing. The genericconventions of pop-rock songs hasn’t evolved greatly, asthere are still electric guitars, bass guitars and drums used inthese songs.
  3. 3. How are the artists in thisgenre represented?Most artists that are associated with pop-rockusually play their own instruments; this allowsthem to be represented as talented musicians asthey have a range of skills that they use to perform.Pop artists are usually represented as sex symbolswhilst artists that are in the pop-rock genre are notthe typical sex symbol artists that you wouldexpect. They aren’t necessarily the role modelmaterial that you would also expect from an artistthat is in the pop industry.
  4. 4. What are the main ideologiesrepresented in current music videosof this genre?In rock-pop music videos, the main ideologies areusually that if you can play a musical instrumentsuch as an electric gutair or the drums then youare talented and successful. Pop-rock videosusually represent that if you are in a relationshipthen you are either going to get hurt or you aregoing to stay with that person forever and they are“the one”.
  5. 5. Some examples of contemporaryartists that fit conventionally withinthe pop-rock genre.Artists such as Pink, Avril Lavigne, Maroon 5, TheJonas Brothers and Demi Lovato all fit within thepop-rock genre. Each one of these artistsrepresent the typical conventions of a pop-rockartist through their costumes, personality, theirperformance and their music.
  6. 6. Jonas Brothers – Burnin’ UpI think that this videorepresents the genericconventions of a pop-rockgenre perfectly. The use of themusical instruments shows offtheir talent and it’s somethingthat you would expect to see ina typical pop-rock video. Thecostumes are quite casual andsimple and there is a clearnarrative in the video thatinvolves the artists themselves.
  7. 7. What do you need to consider whenmaking your own music video?When I will make my music video, I will consider allof the generic conventions of a pop-rock genre sothat my audience has a clear idea on what thegenre is and they aren’t confused. I will need toconsider the fact that artists in this genre arepresented as talented musicians, so I will have tomake sure that I show this in my music video byusing instruments that are appropriate for the songand genre.
  8. 8. ReflectionWhat have you learned from your research into the history of pop-rock music?I have learned that the conventions of a pop-rock music video has changed overtime however they still have kept some elements such as music instruments beingplayed by the artists to show their musical talent. I have also learned that thegenre has increasingly become popular overtime and it most audiences areappealed to this genre now.Do your audience expect the same things from your genre or do they have verydifferent opinions?My audience expects the same type of things that I have mentioned as they expectto see a narrative in the music video that involves the artist themselves and theyexpect to see a scene where the artist and their band are performing either at aconcert or just in a room. They also expect to see a general mixture of both rockand pop genres included in the music video so that they can clearly make out whatthe genre is.