The uk education system


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A brief description of the British Education System, school timetables,routines and grades.

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  • Hi sigugi, you have conspicuously presented the education system of UK, that will no doubt help people to understand a lot. But I think there is another type of school in UK- Special School. These special school comprises pupils, aged 11 and older & can specialise in 1 of the 4 areas - communication and interaction cognition and learning social, emotional and mental health sensory and physical needs Schools can further specialise within these categories to reflect the special needs they help with Autistic spectrum disorders, visual impairment or speech, language and communication needs.
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  • Thank you! easy to understand and very comprehensive :)
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  • It's very easy to understand. Thanks, I will use it with my students.
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The uk education system

  1. 1. by Sarah Vallis The UK Education System
  2. 2. Types of SchoolsState Schools: Free to all childrenPrivate/Public Schools: Necessary to payGrammar Schools: Normally single sexschools where children must pass an examaged 11 to attend.
  3. 3. School GradesNursery (0-4)Primary School (4-11: Reception – Year6)Secondary School (11-16: Year 7 – 11)Sixth Form/College (16-18: Years 12and 13)Education is compulsory from the age of4 to 16.
  4. 4. The School YearThe school year runs from September to Julyand is 39 weeks long.The school holidays are:October – 1 weekChristmas – 2 weeksFebruary – 1 weekEaster – 2 weeksMay – 1 weekSummer – 6 weeks
  5. 5. ExamsYear 2: Key Stage 1 examsYear 6: Key Stage 2 examsYear 11: GCSE’sYear 12: AS LevelsYear 13: A Levels
  6. 6. School DaySchool lasts from 9am until3.20pm.Lessons are 1 hour and 15minutes long.There is a break in themorning at 11.40am whichlasts 20 minutes.At break time, studentsusually eat a snack.
  7. 7. LunchLunch is at 1.15 until 2 pm.Students stay in school andthey either bring their ownlunch in a lunch boxOR they can buy lunchfrom the school canteen.
  8. 8. Number of PupilsIn my primary schoolthere were 500 pupils.In my secondaryschool there were1500 students.There are on average30 students in everyclass.
  9. 9. The ClassroomTeachers have their ownclassrooms and it is the studentsthat change rooms after everylesson.Depending on your level in asubject you will be put in differentsets. For example, if you aregood at Spanish you will be in setone, but if you are bad at Englishyou will be in set 5.
  10. 10. School UniformThe school uniform varies from schoolto school but most schools have one.On certain days you can wear what youwant. For example, to raise money forcharity.It stops children worrying about what towear, and teachers believe that itmakes students more disciplined.
  11. 11. Primary School
  12. 12. Secondary SchoolShirt Tie Blazer Skirt Trousers