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Action plan template


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action plan template

Published in: Self Improvement
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Action plan template

  1. 1. Action Plan Template Action Steps Responsible Deadline Resources Potential Barriers Result Saving money Me End of year 2015 Money Expensive food. To overcome this I will eat less. More savings Study hard Me June 2016 Motivation , good teachers Laziness. Change my attitude Good results Eat healthy Me May 2015 Professional advices , Money Unhealthy food. Try my best not to eat unhealthy food. A healthy body Do exercise Me May 2015 Time and Determination Time. Organize my time Stay fit Change my bad personalities Me May 2015 An open mind , true friends Not knowing what to change. Ask for friend’s opinions Be a better person Make new friends Me May 2015 Courage Not so friendly people. Be friendly to them. Get more friends