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Published in: Education, Career, Business
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  1. 1. By: Carson Sheppard
  2. 2. Resume Gets you the job you are after
  3. 3. Effective Resume Summarizes employable you at a glance
  4. 4. Professional Resume Self-marketing tool tailored to your career objectives
  5. 5. Jobs of a Professional Resume Focuses the interviewer’s attention on your strongest points, gives you full credit for all your achievements, and presents a positive picture of your best qualities.
  6. 6. Important preliminary toresume Gathering and processing of the data you need for your resume
  7. 7. 2 basic types of resume formats Functional and chronological
  8. 8. Functional resume Selective and only highlights those skills pertinent to your job objective
  9. 9. Chronological resume Used to combine all your experience and employment history simply written in order by date starting with the most recent position and working backwards
  10. 10. ImportantResume preliminary of resume formats 2 basic types Effective of resume Resume formatsProfessional Functional Resume resume Jobs of a ChronologicalProfessional resume Rsume
  11. 11. Sales Knowledge about Resumes Knowledge about Writing a Resume