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Effective Resume Writing

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Effective Resume Writing

  2. 2. What is a Resume? It is a summary of your academics & work history NO
  3. 3. Resume is a True Depiction Personality Background Resume Capabilities is an advertisemen Accomplishments t that helps How organized you are you sell Your Sense of Quality yourself to an Employer
  4. 4. What Can a Resume Will Do For You? Makes the first impression about The you. interview Helps organize your thoughts gets you Highlights the relevant facts the job, about you, your education, and your experience. Positions you in the mind of the employer, thus creating a value. The resume Be a basis for the interviewer to gets you the justify your hiring interview
  5. 5. Why Give Importance to Resume Competition being fierce, you need not just Resumes but “Attention Grabbing Resumes.” First point of interaction between employer & you. Spend time on preparing targeted, effective and error free document. Usually, a Hiring Manager spends not more than15 – 20 seconds per Resume. A clear & crisp resume will qualify you for the INTERVIEW
  6. 6. Essentials of a Resume Objective/Personal Statement Personal Details Educational Qualification Professional Experience Technical Qualification Core Competencies Skills (area of expertise) Achievements References
  7. 7. Tips for writing a great resume Write Resume with a target in mind and be appropriate Customization of resume can increased chances of short listing. Analyze the job ads and job descriptions and compose the resume to address the requirements. Do not shoot same resume to all jobs.
  8. 8. Tips for writing a great resume Highlight your strengths To prove you are a better choice than competition describe: Specific Achievements/Targets achieved New Accounts added/Value additions in previous jobs Mention the technology/skills used in different projects.
  9. 9. Tips for writing a great resume Keep it short & Simple Always write a moderate size resume Use the right font size. Recruiters are interested in the latest experience/job/qualifications so maintain the chronological order- Very important
  10. 10. Tips for writing a great resume Ensure Correctness Make sure to mention correct employments dates & designations Employer can use a background check to validate the information. If the data in resume is a fake your chances are zero – Be careful
  11. 11. Tips for writing a great resume Check for Grammar & Typing Mistakes No excuses for typing mistakes, grammatical errors and spelling. All PC have this features to check this. Use Action Verbs to demonstrate that you are a person who initiate and proact. Action Verbs Organized Directed Planned Created Assisted Initiated Analyzed Developed Managed
  12. 12. Tips for writing a great resume Make the Best first Impression Use best quality paper & printer. Good formatting may not get you a job but Bad formatting will definitely reduce your chances If sending resume by email use PDF format if possible - Looks good. Avoid sending photocopied or pre written resume – makes bad impression Choose a font style that looks professional. Avoid multiple fonts as it looks cluttered & busy.
  13. 13. DON’t’S in Effective Resume Writing Don’t state your expectations out of the job rather tell what you can contribute. Do not list the names of your supervisors/contact info of your past employment. Be careful with the dates. Make sure every year is accounted for .Employers will get suspicious if they see too many gaps. Do not disclose the salary, reasons for leaving previous employment and your availability to start the new job- Keep them to be discussed in interview. Do not be wordy while listing job responsibilities, use bullets and in a consistent style. Paste photograph and furnish references if asked to do so.  Use Simple & Plain language. Avoid professional jargon.
  14. 14. Please Remember Your Resume is a A Simple Marketing Brochure for YOU !!!
  15. 15. Q&A THNAK YOU

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