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  • Kelleher, A. from Belhaven College in The Living Curriculum “ Faith integration is more than delivering a curriculum infused with biblical principles.” (p. 105)   “… faith integration has its basis in how we live out biblical principles both within and beyond the classroom.” (p. 105)   “… our personal worldview guides everything we do in life and, in the case ofa Christian worldview, it gives us a sense of who God is and His purpose for this word. A Christian worldview shapes the way we think and act.” (p. 106)   “ To teach a curriculum that is alive it requires us to teach as well as live with veracity” (p. 110) Benner et al “ Teachers, guides, and practice teach us to be better dancers because they help us listen more carefully and follow the music we hear more confidently”
  • Disposition online

    1. 1. DispositionCurriculum OnlineDevorah OverbayEDFL 634
    2. 2. Introduction to the issue“Teachers, guides, and practice teach us to be better dancers because they help us listenmore carefully and follow the music we hear more confidently”Benner (2008)
    3. 3. Standardsommon Core Standards• “Independence”• “Appreciate nuances”• “Value evidence”• “Appreciate differences”merican Academy of Colleges of Nursing Standards• Knowledge, Skills, and Disposition
    4. 4. Plan/Expected Outcomes:he participant will be able to• Develop a working definition of disposition.• Recognize the importance of teaching disposition even in online classroom.• Acquire new tools that support the mentoring of adult students in online formats that mirror successes in mentoring in traditional classrooms.
    5. 5. • Create a personal plan to incorporate tools into his/her own online classroom within his/her own curriculum to foster particular disposition in his/her own students.
    6. 6. Curriculum:efine disposition: article review 1 page papereview Core Standards for developing attitudes: Core Standardsreview 1 page paperiscuss the importance of mentoring online;
    7. 7. Framework/Adult Learning Elements:
    8. 8. Examplesook review on spirituality in a particular professionthical case discussionynchronous chat involving a philosophy of teaching
    9. 9. Personal Applicationorkshop: Teaching to Care Onlinebjective:• the participant will identify ways in his/her own online curriculum to purposefully foster caring disposition in students
    10. 10. Referencesstin, A. W. (1999). "Student involvement: A developmental theory for higher education." Journal of CollegeStudent Development 40(5).arton, A. J., G. Armstrong, et al. (2009). "A national Delphi to determine developmental progression of qualityand safety competencies in nursing education." Nursing Outlook 57(6): 313-322.enner, P., M. Sutphen, et al. (2008). "Formation and Everyday Ethical Comportment." American Journal CriticalCare 2008 17: 473-476.enner, P. (2000). "The roles of embodiment, emotion and lifeworld for rationality and agency in nursingpractice." Nursing Philosophy 1(1): 5-19.ays, S. M. (2010). Best practices in the integration of faith and learning for adult and online learners. C. T.Fleming and C. B. Tweedell. [Marion, IN], Cccu Center for Research in Adult Learning; Indiana WesleyanUniversity.eners, D. W., C. Roehrs, et al. (2006). "Tracking the development of professional values in undergraduatenursing students." Journal of Nursing Education 45(12): 504-511.