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Building the Relationship Between Administrators and Teachers for Successful Schools


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Participants will be infused with the 11 steps necessary to initiate, create and nurture one of the most important relationships in any school— administrator/teacher. Participants will investigate methods that will perpetuate success while acquiring an understanding of what characteristics an extraordinary administrator should demonstrate. Templates and tools provided!

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Building the Relationship Between Administrators and Teachers for Successful Schools

  1. 1. B ui ldi ng the R elati onshi p B etween A dmi ni str ator sand T eacher s for Successful Schools
  2. 2. Mavis & Co. Motivating Aspiring Visionaries, Intellectuals & Students“Unwrapping the Potential of Today’s Educators!”
  3. 3. E mbr ace! E ducate! E mpower !
  4. 4. $20,000 PyramidGuess the 15 TIONS from the book!
  5. 5. Communication RepresentationExpectation The 15 TIONS Execution Are:Orientation ReputationMediation DedicationPresentation MotivationObservation DeterminationInspirationImplementation
  6. 6. 33
  7. 7. This is how we Do iT!!!CollaborateHave FunInteractListenDiscussRespectEducateNurture
  8. 8. Get Naked!
  9. 9. T*O*O*L*S Techniques for Outstanding Operational Liaisons in Schools
  10. 10. Use what is inside of your toolkits to build a schoolhouse.
  11. 11.  Challenges Concerns Wonderings
  12. 12. In today’s schools, administrators are the hammers needed to ensure that each nail (teacher) is in its proper place, is not discombobulated and understands its essential significancein the school being built soundly and efficiently! -Shareefah Mason
  13. 13. PresentationIn groups, create a presentation formula that you would want yourteachers to emulate!
  14. 14. OrganizationFormulate a plan to change your school into a “true” organization!
  15. 15. Out With the Old In With the Write your weakest New! one sheetcharacteristic on and how you pledge tobetter yourself on another sheet!
  16. 16. If I Had A Hammer?! bodyIn groups, use the followingparts: brain, eyes, heart, hands,mouth and feet. Assign qualitiesor responsibilities to each part of the body based on what you (hammer) would want to build into your teachers.
  17. 17. Thank you for coming and participating! If you enjoyed the presentation and want to reserve us for your school, order books and shirts or learn about the MILLIONAIRE’S Club, please contact us!Website: Email:
  18. 18. Please Fill Out the Feedback Forms!Please leave your contactinformation at the table! Name Email City, State, District
  19. 19. Please Tell Your Colleagues About This Presentation!E njoy the Conference!!!!