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Photo Analysis


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Photo Analysis

  1. 1. In my opinion I think this photograph makes a good photograph as it suits the genreperfectly. With only the face of the killer lit up on the poster this gives nothing else away about the film and keeps it simple. The black background connotes the genre of horror as it represents darkness. This is a typical convention of a horror photograph as most of them use the colour for the background.From the photograph the audience can see that it is for a horror poster as the mask looks vaguely scary to the typical audience. Dark Background (Horror Conventions) The face is the only thing visible in the photograph, therefore gives nothing away.
  2. 2. Dark Background(Represents Genre) Image of faces within I also think this is a good photograph as it doesn’t the original image. give anything away apart from the creepy character. Mobile relates The image also relates to the film as the character to title is holding a mobile phone and the film is called one missed call. This image also has a black background which represents the genre of horror. The lighting on the image has been used with thought as it only lights up the face of the character. Another image is hidden within the eyes of the creepy character of another character screaming as you can see their mouth and nose. This also gives away the genre of the film to the audience screaming is a typical convention of a horror film.
  3. 3. Is also another image which I think is good for a horror poster as it shows both the victim and the killer.A good point about the photograph is that the killer (larger image at the top) over shadows the victim (at the bottom of the picture) this gives connotations of power, and makes the victim look vulnerable. The image also shows the setting of the film as houses are located in the background. The killer in the image also has the red eye affect which connotes the genre of horror.The victim is shown holding an axe which highlightsthe fact that the film is going to be unpredictable as the audience don’t know who the killer is going to be. Vulnerability is connoted Weapons highlight the Location of the genre. film is shown.