Film Poster AnalysisElizabeth Adeoye DRO6
In this medium shot it emphasizesthe evil looks and the bodylanguage of the witch/stepmom.Shes displaying a knife whichcre...
Target AudienceThe use of this dark tale, which has been                                                                  ...
Previous credits- most film posters use this as a way of guarantee and also as a way in                                   ...
Tone and register                                                                                             Effect and e...
By having the main image as the mainline of drawing in the audienceattention, by having the femalecharacter pressed up on ...
Tone and registerThis particular image is effective in speaking     Effect and effectivenessdirectly to the audience, this...
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Film poster analysis


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Film poster analysis

  1. 1. Film Poster AnalysisElizabeth Adeoye DRO6
  2. 2. In this medium shot it emphasizesthe evil looks and the bodylanguage of the witch/stepmom.Shes displaying a knife whichcreates a daring look she gives to Previous credits- most filmthe audience. Her hair is tied away posters use this as a way offrom her face, which gives her style guarantee and also as aand makes her slightly less evil and way in promptingmakes her trendier. This image audience expectations.takes up most of the poster, as wehave black birds emerge from hercape, in doing this we willautomatically associate thischaracter with death and being evil.The witch is not featured in the title,but by this image she is associatedwith being evil. The other The title is placed at thecharacters are built around the the bottom of the page,witch again emphasizes the giving room for thecharacter of the witch. By placing attention to be given tothe character one on top of the the image on the top ofother, it creates different layers, the page. The text usesmaking the audience pay attention a gold color with anto each of the characters, its also a italic font, by using thisgood use of levels. font, this film poster has a “fairy tale” type connotation .This film poster does not have a Credits- these are a typicalcertificate or positive quotes convention of a film posterwhich shows it goes against thetypical conventions of filmposters.
  3. 3. Target AudienceThe use of this dark tale, which has been Representationadapted to attract an older audience. By In this film poster cover, they have made thedoing this the film will be able to draw in villain ambiguous. The females in this filma new crowd, the film will be able to poster are made to look powerful, whichbring out the dark, horror and thriller isn’t a typical fairy tale convention, the useaspects of this film which will be more of black clothing for the main characterappropriate for the audience. connotes that she is possibly the villain, and also helps to represent the chosen genre ofTone and Register dark fantasy. By having two of theThe setting of this film is in Edwardian characters looking directly at the audience ittime, this again helps to attract the older will create a degree of intimacy between theaudience. It gives the film more audience and the actors. By the use of darkadvantage in attracting this audience. clothing, we can establish that the film willThis poster creates a very dark, scary be one of a dark fantasy. Also the props usedatmosphere. The black birds in the main in the film poster will help the audience toimage the audience immediately that know the era of which the film is establishedthis film will have some aspect of horror. in.Effect and effectivenessThis film poster is effective in the sense it portrays the dark fantasy very well mainly through dark lighting and the weapons in which thecharacters hold. The use of technology such as having background images and also to have the illusion that the birds are escaping from thewoman’s cloak is effective in drawing in the attention of the audience. We are automatically intrigued through the use of previous quoting andalso in the ways in the audience feel included by having the characters give eye contact. I believe that the audience will be interested in this filmbecause of the use of costume, in the ways the creators have used costume and still made it relevant to a more modern audience. I felt that theheavy use of imagery was effective because it created an atmosphere of cold and the audience are more likely to already understand thenarrative of the play.
  4. 4. Previous credits- most film posters use this as a way of guarantee and also as a way in prompting audience expectations.The imagery of hands being tapedautomatically already creates a horrorgenre, it is a typical convention forfemale characters to be portrayed asinferior and unable to defend Rather than usingthemselves. In doing this the female images of theaudience are automatically drawn into celebrities, by havingthis film, by the use of red, it connotates them quoteddanger, passion and lust, by having such celebrity, this filmheavy meanings by the simple colour of poster is aimed at anred, the audience will be drawn into the established audienceheavy emotions which may be shown who will be familiarwithin the movie. In addition to this by with these people.having a single image, with a dark This will createbackground with eyes coming through audiencesome blinds, the audience will be more intertexuality. Thislikely to analyse the film poster, I think within itself is athat this poster is very effective in typical film posterdrawing in the attention of the audience convention.and also in portraying the horror genre.The main colours used in this film posterare red, grey and black, these colours The film title is situated at thetogether connote danger and a dark bottom of the image, which willatmosphere. the image of the eyes are draw the attention into the mainplaced photographically in the imagery. Also the use of gothicbackground, this will create a quest and text again helps form the genrewhen they are discovered the audience and also the narrative of the filmwill be particularly thrilled by this. altogether. Credits -typical convention of a film poster.
  5. 5. Tone and register Effect and effectivenessThis film poster is particular effective in the This film poster I believe is effective inway it draws in the audience and also speaks drawing in the audience gaze, the way into them through the use of imagery, by which the message is delivered in having thehaving such imagery and deep colours the tape holding up the females hands isaudience will be able feel spoken to through particular effective in creating fear for theimages. By having the image of the eye in the audience. By having the use of tape thebackground the audience will feel audience already foreknow that the objectiveautomatically included within the film poster, of captivity will be heavy in this movie. Alsofeeling directly spoken to. As there is very this film poster is effective in creating alittle informal text it will be best suited for the horror feel through the one eye we can see in the background of the central image, so wetarget audience. know the objective of being watched willTarget audience again be an objective in this film. This filmIt is apparent that the target audience are poster is effective because unlike other filmmainly those over the age of 18 as particular poster it doesn’t use celebrity USP, and stillscenes which may be shown will be best manages the draw in the attention of thesuitable for that age. By having female hands audience. I like the way in which the poster isit could be aimed at females within this age very simple and by the choice of text used ingroup, mainly because there may be a creating the horror genre, I prefer the use ofmessage to be delivered to this group. I merging two images together to create abelieve generally that this film poster is aimed final idea, the use of dim lighting and a glowat those who enjoy horror films, being thrilled, around the central image is particularlyanxious and scared, this poster is effective in effective in drawing in the attention of thedrawing in this particular audience. In addition audience. This film poster is effective into this the target audience of this film poster, drawing in the attention of the audiencewill be used to the idea of gothic horror films, because it uses typical gothic horror stylethrough the quoting of particular actors which text, and the use of a mystery characterwill create familiarity, the message of the placed behind blinds. It could be argued thatposter is delivered simply through a mixture the poster may be offensive to feminist inof text and images. the sense of the way the female is portrayed in the central image. Overall in my own opinion the poster is neat and executed well mainly by the central image, also it may beRepresentation seen as boring because it doesn’t overloadFemales in this film poster women again are portrayed as inferior which is typical of the horror and use celebrity USP like typical horrorconvention. The horror genre is portrayed as very dark and eerie, which represents the audience as those posters.who are intrigued by the darker side. The audience are also portrayed as being familiar with this portrayalof females.
  6. 6. By having the main image as the mainline of drawing in the audienceattention, by having the femalecharacter pressed up on against theglass casing of the sand pit theaudience can directly see theexpression on her face, in addition tothis the audience will feel includedwithin the film poster.the use of a celebrity USPdraws in the attention of maleviewers by having the female“breast” displayed it could beargued that this film istargeted at females. By using a different colour on the title, it will bring the audience attention to the title. This title uses colours such as orange and yellow, which may connote as a ray of hope. Credits this film poster doesn’t use credits, which is unconventional of most film posters.
  7. 7. Tone and registerThis particular image is effective in speaking Effect and effectivenessdirectly to the audience, this film poster uses The main colours used in this poster aredirect speech “time is ticking” which will brown and white and through make upspeak to the audience. The fact that she is the very dark eyeliner. By using the colourcrying elicits emotions within the audience, brown it connotes an earthy feel and alsowe sympathise with the character making it creates a very dull atmosphere, thismore likely for us to feel included within the poster isn’t too effective in drawing thefilm poster as an audience. The tone adopted attention of the audience, it uses thewithin this poster is very inclusive, we feel we celebrity USP as a way of drawing theare also included in this sand pit. audience into the film poster. The main objects in the background is sand, which will allow the audience to understand aRepresentation sense of suffocation and it is effective inThis film poster isn’t representative of the that sense of creating this illusion. Thethriller genre, it could be mistaken for any messages in this poster are primarilyother genre of film. The film poster is too images this is effective in visuallysimple in the sense the image draws in the presenting the information to theattention of the audience but doesn’t rather audience. The poster isn’t quite reflectivehold their audience. We are unsure of the of the institutional context, we are unsureparticular genre that this film is trying to whether the institution is either gothic,represent. One thing that is clear through this horror or of thriller. I don’t like this posterposter is that female is the victim which is a because I feel it is rather boring and blandtypical convention of all film genres. also the fact that neither the genre or the audience are represented well in this poster. This poster doesn’t communicateTarget audience effectively with the audience, they aren’t as visually entertained like the previousThe target audience of this film poster couldbe argued to be those of 15 and over, it is film posters. The poster isn’t offensive in any way, but might be taken as an offenserather ambiguous because the horror thriller to other ethnicities as they aren’tgenre isnt portrayed well in this poster. We represented in this film poster.are unsure of who the film is targeted at. Itcould be targeted at both male and females,through the emphasis of the females breastsas a way of drawing in the audience. Thetarget audience could be argued to beCaucasian through the use of that ethnicity bythe main image.