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Horror film Mise-en-scene analysis


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Horror film Mise-en-scene analysis
-Gone Girl

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Horror film Mise-en-scene analysis

  1. 1. MISE-EN-SCENE - Film Trailers Unfriended psychological thrillers; Carrie Gone girl
  2. 2. Lighting As I watched the trailer for the film Carrie I can clearly identify that the lighting is very dull and dark throughout. As the trailer is consistent with dark lighting it a created more of a dark/ spooky feel. most people feel uncomfortable in dark situations and by having dark lighting within the seen it creates a sense of that feeling within the audience. by reflecting the dark lighting on the decoration of ‘Jesus on the cross’ makes the film seem more disturbing due to them using such a well known religion ands acting pacifist against it. When the main character walks into the bedroom in the film gone girl there are two lights lit alone with the rest of the lights off. Due to darkness being a symbol of evil and misbelieve it generates the audience to feel a sense of scare due to them not knowing what's yet to come. The two lights clearly show where the character is going and create. As the lead up to the scene is also dark the audience are waiting for something to happen causing suspense. When watching the trailer for unfriended each room within the scene suddenly goes pitch black with only the light from the computer to show each characters face. By the room going pitch black in control of whoever is behind the screen it shows their horridness. By the dark light represents evil which is coming from the spirit. This creates a dark mood within the film creating scare throughout the audience. this is due to the stereotypical representation of darkness being scary and dull.
  3. 3. Props The major prop that was used in gone girl are the clay dolls of punch and Judy. When seeing the dolls appear in the trailer the audience will feel a vulnerable connection with children due to them being part of a children's sea-side attraction. A birds eye view shows the audience that someone is looking over the dolls creating suspense due to the audience not knowing who the person is. When looking at the film Carrie the major prop was the smartphone. By using the phone as a bullying prop within the film builds vulnerability throughout the audience due to it being an everyday object that is used through everyone's day to day lives. The audience would be yet to know what's going to happen next due top the power of a mobile phone. It is seen as the centre object within this film due to its height. when looking at the film unfriended I found that the only major prop was a blender. I felt that the blender is a major prop within the film due to it being such an every day item that is able to be found in most homes. By using a blender it shows that almost anything could happen throughout the film
  4. 4. Body language + facial expressions A sense of scare within the audience is created in the Carrie trailer when Carrie is pictured on the floor screaming. Due to such a morbid facial expression it allows the audience to identify that there is something wrong with the character and that she may be in danger. As he hair covers her face it shows that has humiliated within the situation she's in and is hiding her face to lose recognition. The facial expression gives us the impression that she is vulnerable due to her showing a cry for help. As the character taken from gone girl is curled up in bed I gives us the impression that she is frightened or disturbed. We can see this due to her hiding almost all of her body under the covers with only her head to be seen. The characters facial expression tells us that she is uncomfortable with the position she's in. as her body language shows her against the edge of the bed it gives us the impression she may be in danger as by laying to the edge of the bed she is able to get away quicker. The facial expression on the girl shows her enjoying herself, this gives the audience the assumption that she's just an average teenager . Her body language shows her enjoying herself within the environment .
  5. 5. Costume The characters in unfriended are each dressed in normal lazy clothing. This represents that they’re each in a chilled environment within their own homes. By wearing normal clothing it brings a connection to the audience due to them coming across as just normal teenagers. Their clothing suggests that their comfortable within their environment and surroundings as they’ve made no effort with their appearances. This creates the idea that nothing is going to happen due to the situation being so laid back. Due to the film being set in a school the costumes very casual and basic. By dressing the characters in normal clothes it allows the audience to feel as if what happening is more surreal due to them being able to make a connection with the character. By dressing the characters in their own clothes allows them to be more easily identified as they’re not wearing school uniform. We can tell the importance of the two characters in this scene due to their costume. As they’re both wearing costume related to the FBI showing that they’re in power of the situation due to them wearing police related costume.
  6. 6. Setting The film Carrie is set within a quiet neighbourhood, due to the setting it makes the audience feel as if the place is so sweet that nothing bad could happen. the setting makes the film seem more surreal due to it being located in a small village. By setting each film in the main characters house it makes the audience feel as if the character is safe due to their connection with their own home. It allows the film to seem more realistic. Throughout the trailer of gone girl the house is a continuous setting. This shows that the horror is set within a home making the film more personal due to the setting having key features related to the main characters. As a house is somewhere that people feel most safe the idea of something going wrong is rare. As the audience can relate to the characters within their own home it allows the film to create more of a scare due to the unexpected of the characters no longer being safe. When looking at the unfriended trailer each character is located in their own bedrooms/houses throughout. Due to them being teenagers they have a lot of personal items within their settings including props such as photos and personal belongings. This makes it easier for the audience to identify the setting and connect each room with the different characters. It also created the surreal idea of something bad happening due to the characters feeling safe within their own homes.