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Magazine Cover Analysis' - RESEARCH & PLANNING


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Magazine Cover Analysis' - RESEARCH & PLANNING

  1. 1. The image includes dark colours which connotes the genre of the film which is a horror. The character even wears dark clothes which also connotes death.The yellow text is used to stand out to the audience showing what is within the magazine Parts of the cover include things like bar codes to make the magazine look more presentable in terms of ideology. The cover also has text showing what else is in the magazine which is smaller than the rest of the text.This is used to make the audience more interested in the magazine, because they may like other films which are within the magazine An image of the main character is used on the film front cover; this medium close-up is used to attract the audience to the film as they may know the main actor in the film. The image also looks 3D therefore grabs the reader’s attention.The title of the magazine is positioned at the top of the page to attract the audience whereas the title of the film is positioned at the bottom on the page; this is done so that the title of the film doesn’t take away the attraction to the title.533400952500<br />704850219075This cover doesn’t particularly have typical horror conventions even though it is a horror film that the magazine cover is based on. However the blood on the hand of Megan Fox connotes the genre. <br />The magazine also has smaller text scattered around informing the audience on the content of the magazine. This will add more interest to their buy as they may want to read about something else other than the main story.<br />The ‘TOTAL FILM’ title connotes blood as the text is red. This is made to stand out to the audience as they want to know what magazine they are buying without having to look closely.<br />The magazine cover includes things such as barcode; prices, dates and websites which makes the cover look realistic. When producing my ancillary task I will have t take these into consideration as I want my piece to look ideological. <br />The title of the film does not stand out what so ever as it is in a small font in the corner. This is not a typical convention for a magazine front cover as they usually have the actor’s names or the titles of the film in fairly large writing. <br />