Nvidia Corporate Presentation


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Nvidia - a short introduction to our company, our products and technology, and what we do for our customers.

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Nvidia Corporate Presentation

  2. 2. A Visual WorldVisual computing is a unique and powerful medium. Over the past 20years, it has transformed the PC from a tool for productivity into onefor creativity, expression and discovery. The beauty and interactivityof visual computing allow people to connect with ideas in a way thatno other medium can.
  3. 3. NVIDIA — The Visual Computing CompanySince 1993, NVIDIA has pioneered the art and science of visualcomputing. Our passionate work has resulted in thousands of patentedinventions, breakthrough technologies, deep industry relationshipsand a powerful brand.
  4. 4. End-to-End Visual ComputingInvent fundamental technologies.Design the world’s best GPUs and mobile processors.Create modules and services for select markets.Build fully integrated systems.
  5. 5. Brands and Target MarketsGeForce, GRID — GamingQuadro, GRID, Tesla — Design, VDI, HPC/Big Data in the EnterpriseTegra — New Computing Devices
  6. 6. Blockbuster gamesconsistently outsell thebiggest Hollywood films —Call of Duty: Black Ops 2reached $500M in sales in itsfirst 24 hours. By 2016, thePC gaming market is expectedto reach over $20B. GeForceGPUs are the engines behindthe creation and enjoymentof this thriving market.Source: Activision, DFC Intelligence
  7. 7. 400M people around theworld play massivelymultiplayer online games(MMOs). League of Legends,a free-to-play MMO and oneof the most popular games,boasts 12M daily users.Source: Newzoo, Riot Games
  8. 8. Virtual goods are creatingnew business models forgame developers and a newway for gamers to engage.In 2012, more than half ofthe $6.5B spent on MMOswas spent on “free-to-play”games. Individual artistsmake upwards of $100K ayear designing the in-gamehats for the free-to-play hitTeam Fortress 2.Source: Newzoo, Valve
  9. 9. With hundreds of games releasedeach year — and hundreds ofthousands of possible PCconfigurations — finding the rightsettings for any given game iscomplex. GeForce Experienceis an NVIDIA application thatautomatically optimizes gamesettings, delivering the power of aPC with the simplicity of a console.
  10. 10. With NVIDIA GRID, gamershave the freedom to play themost graphics-intensivegames from the cloud on anydisplay. By solving the “lag”issue that has hindered cloudgaming, GRID promises tomake game streaming asconvenient and common asrenting a movie online.
  11. 11. NVIDIA Quadro GPUs helpmost of the world’s industrialdesigners bring their visionsto life. They rely onphotorealistic renderings —like this one of the McLarenP1— to create their designswithout physical models.Quadro performs ray-tracingalgorithms that generate suchimages. Everything fromshampoo bottles to jumbojets are created withsoftware that runs on Quadro.
  12. 12. Visual computing is makingmovies more immersive andimaginative. NVIDIA is playinga major role. 2013 markedthe fourth year in a row whenall films nominated for theBest Visual Effects AcademyAward were created onQuadro GPUs, includingOscar-winner, Life of Pi.
  13. 13. Like many broadcasters,ESPN uses visual computing toenhance live coverage withaugmented reality. Here, thedistance of a home run is instantlydisplayed during Major LeagueBaseball’s Home Run Derby. GPUspower ESPN’s video capture and3D modeling system that enablesoperators to easily interact withlive video feeds and deliver abetter viewing experience.
  14. 14. Enterprises are in the midstof a seismic shift. Employeesbring their own devices towork, multiple operatingsystems tap into distinctservices, and mobile access isessential. Leveraging our GPUexpertise, we’ve inventednew technologies that unlockvisual computing from thebox and deliver amazinggraphics to any device. Wecall it GRID. Today, Cisco,Dell, HP and IBM offer GRID-based servers while Citrix,Microsoft and VMware offerGRID-enabled software.
  15. 15. At GTC 2013, we introducedthe world’s first visualcomputing appliance. GRIDVCA runs graphics-intensiveapplications — such as thosefrom Adobe, Autodesk andDassault — and sends thegraphics output over thenetwork to be displayed on aclient computer. Design firms,film studios and otherbusinesses can now give theircreative teams access tographics-intensive apps withuncompromised performance,flexibility and simplicity.
  16. 16. GPUs evolved into generalpurpose processors ideallysuited to tackle massivelyparallel computing problems.Today, 50 systems on theTop500 list of supercomputersare powered by GPUs. With apeak performance of 27petaflops, the Titansupercomputer at Oak RidgeNational Labs is the world’sfastest. 18,688 Tesla GPUsprovide 90% of the machine’scomputing power.
  17. 17. Using GPUs, Harvard FellowErez Lieberman-Aidendiscovered that DNA comestogether in fractal globules(the same shape as uncookedramen noodles), and the waythat it’s folded determineswhether healthy or malignantcells will be produced. Histechnique relies on looking atthe billions of snapshotsgenerated by modern DNAsequencing techniques. GPUsare essential in processing theenormous amount of data atthe heart of the process.
  18. 18. The floors of the Adriatic andMediterranean seas arelittered with tens ofthousands of mines, bombsand other munitions thatwere lost or abandoned afterWorld War I and II. To locateand identify the dangerousmaterials, NATO is usingautonomous underwatervehicles equipped withsynthetic aperture sonarrunning on Tesla GPUs. Thesonar application runs up to100x faster on GPUs, enablingreal-time object recognition,on-board processing andintelligent decision-makingcapabilities.
  19. 19. Researchers at PlymouthUniversity are driving theemergence of humanoidrobots by modeling biologicalneural networks. Thesenetworks consist of thousandsof neurons connected to eachother through millions ofsynapses. The systemsintegrate visual processing,linguistics and other inputssuch as touch, temperatureand position. GPUs performthe millions of calculationsneeded to activate the neuralnetwork every 50-100milliseconds.
  20. 20. Top enterprise and mobileapplication companies areusing Tesla GPUs to tackle bigdata analytics and advancedsearch. For example, Shazamuses GPUs to instantly searchand identify songs from its 27million track database for its300 million users.
  21. 21. In 2012, there were twice asmany mobile devices sold asPCs. By 2016, it’s estimatedthat tablets alone will outsellPCs with 430M units shipped.The Tegra mobile processor isdesigned to power a worldwhere visual computing iseverywhere. Tegra combinesour industry-leading CPU,GPU, LTE modem and cameratechnology, and taps into thegaming ecosystem that isNVIDIA’s heritage.Source: Business Insider
  22. 22. Tegra powers some of the mostinnovative devices on the market,including flagship devices fromMicrosoft and Google, infotainmentsystems from leading car companies,and new-style devices like Ouya’scrowd-sourced game console. Andthis is just the beginning. The open,rich Android ecosystem has attractednearly every type of device companyin the world.
  23. 23. We surprised the world with theannouncement of Project SHIELD atCES 2013. Project SHIELD is aportable that lets gamers play bothAndroid and PC games with thebenefits of a console-gradecontroller, a five-inch retinalscreen, and exceptional sound fromtuned port, bass reflex speakers.
  24. 24. Gaming is the most popular activityon mobile devices. Nearly 40% oftime spent on smartphones — and70% on tablets — is spent playinggames. NVIDIA’s TegraZone app, thefirst of its kind, enables people todiscover the best in mobile games.Source: Flurry Analytics
  25. 25. Visual computing increasinglyplays a role in auto safety andinfotainment. NVIDIA willdrive the infotainmentsystems and digitalinstrument clusters of morethan 20 brands and 100models, including cars fromTesla Motors, Lamborghini,Audi, BMW, Mini, Rolls Royceand VW. With NVIDIA’s Jetsondevelopment kit, automakerscan easily create and testautomotive, image processingand computer-visionapplications.
  26. 26. NVIDIA users are uniquelypassionate about ourproducts. They express theirloyalty in deeply personalways — including artwork,tattoos and even in namingtheir children “NVIDIA.”
  27. 27. With 8,200 employees across40 offices worldwide, ourpeople are bound together bycommon vision and values.NVIDIA’s high-performance,creative, one-team spiritstarts from a culture ofgiving. Each year, we foregoour holiday parties anddedicate our financial andhuman resources to help ourcommunities. We call thisProject Inspire.
  28. 28. NVIDIA has grown from athree-person start-up into aglobal company. We recentlyset out to build a new campusthat will suit our expandingcompany and vision. Standingat the intersection of scienceand art — just like our work invisual computing — the newNVIDIA headquarters willcapture the ambition andimagination of our people.
  29. 29. Bring Magic to Every PixelBy 2015, there will be 4B+ HD displays on the planet. Visualcomputing will increasingly become part of the fabric of society.NVIDIA is singularly focused on the medium that we have propelledfrom a feature into an industry. We aim to light every pixel.Source: DisplaySearch
  30. 30. Much of what we will see in the future willlikely come from NVIDIA technology as weincreasingly struggle to differentiatebetween what is real and what has beencreated from someones imagination.“”
  31. 31. FACTSFounded in 1993Jen-Hsun Huang is co-founder,president and CEOListed with NASDAQ under thesymbol NVDA in 1999Invented the GPU in 1999 and hasshipped more than 1 billion to dateFY13: $4.3 billion in revenue8,200 employees worldwide5,500 patents issued, allowed,or filedRanked #6 “greenest” company inAmerica by Newsweek in 2012Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif.