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Overview presentation of Project Management Module in ServiceDesk Plus

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ServiceDesk Plus Project Management

  1. 1. Project Management(Overview) Management(Overview)Task management made easy
  2. 2. What is a Project?• A large scale change implementation• Which organizes Tasks effectively and• Is useful when Task count becomes impossible tohandleWhat does it do?Bundles Tasks into one big Project which goesthrough many phases before reaching completion
  3. 3. Phases of a Project• Milestone – Phase where you decide what shouldbe done and also take the necessary steps• Task – Phase where a specific action is carried outPhases have a flexible structure• Milestones & Tasks are given equal importance• A Task, although considered a sub-unit ofMilestone, can be declared independently
  4. 4. Inside a Project•
  5. 5. Project Attributes• Project Code, Project Title, Project Description• Project Owner, Project Member• Project Member can be a requester or aTechnician• Project Type (Software, Infrastructure, etc.,)• Project Duration (Start, End time)• Project Hours (hours spent by members)• Project Cost (estimated & actual cost)
  6. 6. Project StructureProjectMilestoneSub-UnitTask 1Sub-UnitTask 2IndependentTasksTask Dependency: Project(s) allows for task dependency configuration;that is, lets you decide the sequence in which the tasks should beexecuted. This is accomplished with the following features:Mark-Parent TaskMark-Child Task
  7. 7. Task Dependency MapMark-Parent Task: Appears while hovering over a Task in the Task Dependency Map -allows you to configure Parent to the highlighted task.Mark-Child Task: Appears while hovering over a Task in the Task Dependency Map -allows you to configure Child to the highlighted Task.
  8. 8. Gantt ChartGraphical representation of Project(s), itsmembers, Milestones and TasksPresents a clear picture of Task distributionBased on Project’s progress lets you change/reassign Milestones, Tasks and everythingrelated to the ProjectProvides filters to generate Milestone-based,Task-based or Member-based chartsIn short, a quick access to managing/editingProject(s)
  9. 9. Gantt Chart ViewResource management Vs. Time management (based on Tasks listed)Gantt chart is not merely a peek into project(s) management but an entity that lets youdecide the course of actions concerning project(s) depending on: the resources available,time available/elapsed, task’s progress at the time the chart gets generated.
  10. 10. Project Overview MapIn the above diag., Final Stage I & II are Tasks while Choosing the Software is aMilestone with Running Tests & Scanning as its tasksPresent in the left extreme represented by aspiked wheel is the ‘Project Overview Map’which displays the structure of the Project alongwith its Milestones & Tasks
  11. 11. • Effective Resource Management (via GanttChart)• Efficient Time Management (via Worklogs &Timesheet)• Minimal Cost Expenditure (by comparing theProject’s budget with Estimated Cost)• Uncomplicated design that streamlinesproject creation & tracking• Task Dependency Map for efficient handlingof Tasks
  12. 12. Thank you! for watching!