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SXSWedu 2019 submission - School Safety and Privacy

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SXSWedu 2019 submission - School Safety and Privacy

  1. 1. Amelia Vance, Future of Privacy Forum Michael Hawes, Department of Education Chad Marlow, ACLU Bryan Westerman, Denver Public Schools School Safety and Student Privacy
  2. 2. Student Safety Concerns ▶ Some surveillance is necessary ▶ Preschoolers wandering off ▶ Identifying bullying ▶ Monitoring for potential violence ▶ But how much? ▶ Social Media ▶ Digital Law Enforcement Surveillance ▶ Shared Databases of Student Information
  3. 3. Privacy Guardrails ▶ Physical harms ▶ Inappropriate disclosure of data – e.g. address ▶ Financial harms ▶ Identity Theft ▶ Loss of Liberty ▶ Warrantless or erroneous arrest ▶ Loss of Opportunity ▶ Denial of college admission or job opportunity ▶ Social Detriment ▶ Feeling like Big Brother is watching
  4. 4. Types of Privacy Risks ▶Data Minimization ▶Only collect data relating to the most serious safety threats ▶Transparency ▶Trust is necessary in school communities ▶Education ▶FERPA Guidance, PTAC