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Back to school night 2102 casadei


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Published in: Education
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Back to school night 2102 casadei

  1. 1. Mrs. Anastasia Room 213 ILASeventh GradeMary Mother of the Mrs.Dahms Room 201 Social Studies, ReligionRedeemer School Mrs. Lamparski Room 202 Science Mrs. Casadei Room 210 Math
  2. 2. General Policies for Seventh Grade Responsibility/Homework Card  Sent home on Thursday, sign and return on Friday  Missing homework for week will be identified  Weekly homework card entries will be reflected on trimester report cards. Attendance  Call office when absent  PLEASE send an absence note when returning to school School Day  Begins at 8:30 AM. If late must go to school office (not late bus)  Students begin arriving at 8:10 AM. Expected to be seated by 8:25 AM Snacks  Mid morning-may have small snack (should fit into pencil case)  Birthday treats are welcome  Classrooms are peanut free…please keep snacks and class treats peanut free
  3. 3. Seventh grade continued…·New sense of independence·Lockers·“Can handle things:·Support your child·“Help” with homework when asked· Provide a quiet study area, consistent study/homework time· Have necessary supplies on hand for homework/study· Encourage checking teacher homework website (ok for parent to check also)· Pay attention to due dates·Behavior· Inappropriate behavior will not be accepted.· Check student handbook online· When needed, yellow slips/orange slips will be issued
  4. 4. Uniforms (See Student Handbook)·Boys ·Girls·Must wear belts ·Skirt length (2 inches·Appropriate hair above knee)length ·No make-up ·1 post earring in each·Socks over ankles ear lobe only·Burgundy shirts ·No nail polishtucked ·Jewelry·Lanyard and nametag ·Watch ·Religious pendant
  5. 5. Science·Use lablearner program·Look for SDR (Student Data Record) as well as copybookwork·Suggest 10 minutes of study each night·Lab day is Tuesday·Additional lab days during week in classroom as needed·Lab glasses from last year..will be sent with student next year·Homework·Study·Assessment--Each Cell: Lab Report, Test, PerformanceAssessment, Project·Most work done in school…may require research at home·All group work done in school
  6. 6. Religion – Mrs. Casadei The Journey of Jesus and His Life; New Testament ◦ Ten Commandments ◦ Beatitudes ◦ Works of Mercy ◦ Rosary ◦ Virtues ◦ Saints ◦ Reflection and journaling ◦ Building a personal relationship with God
  7. 7. ELA English-Language Arts Common Core Standards Writing  Writing Projects  Journal Writings Reading  Anthology  Trade Books  Read Aloud Vocabulary  Vocabulary Workshop  Three stages—Learn, Practice, Apply
  8. 8. Math – Mrs. Casadei Parent Information letter (on my homework site)  Class format and structure  Flipped classroom  Homework  Edmodo – student and parent log ons  Grading  Please print, sign and return last page of letter Textbook and workbook are available online  Link on my homework page  Students have log on info
  9. 9. Technology· At school·Classroom Computers·Computer Lab/Library computers·Smart Board·Lap top Cart·At home·Teacher website (Teacherweb)·Internet
  10. 10. Contacting UsMrs. Angelina Lamparski – Room 202 215-412-7101 ext. 202Mrs. Sharon Casadei– Room 210 215-412-7101 ext. 210
  11. 11. Thanks! th ·Enjoy 7 grade, once again! ·Go Phillies!!!