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Analysis of college magazines


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Analysis of college magazines

  1. 1. Analysis of college magazines
  2. 2. This is the firstMagazine frontcover that I haveanalysed.
  3. 3. MASTHEAD The colours used for the Masthead is a dark sky blue, which makes it look elegant and the sky blue connotes reaching for the sky therefore its colour that represents positivity . It suggests that inside you’ll find Masthead is called ‘The out more about the school itself Reflection’ therefore it may be and the special events they to do with them reflecting back organise. onto their school lives as it’s aThe schools main logo is Year 11 Fashion Show Magazine.used next to the Mastheadto show its identity.
  4. 4. The strapline ‘HighQuality Learning for All’advertises the school This is to let the readers know what issue they are reading and The date line For this they have used a simple font that will be easily read and they have kept the font colour white
  5. 5. The colour of the dresses stands out as they look The eye contact bright and shiny. With the reader and facing towards us has a friendly approach. The two girls dressed up on the cover have big smiles on their faces this brings positivity and connotes success.The smiles in their facesAdds to the positivity of themagazine itself.
  6. 6. The main cover line isThe Cover line tells us what meant to catch people’swe’ll find in the magazine and attention but in this case itit connects to the Picture on the is small and unclear.cover as it’s the main story. This lets us know which school The page number tells the produced the magazine. reader exactly which page they’ll find the cover line of The cover line however the magazine. isnt placed in the right place where it should be also because of the colour of the font
  7. 7. This is the secondMagazine frontcover that I have analysed.
  8. 8. The spotlight would suggest that it concentrates specifically on the their main goal which is school magazine therefore it will be just about the school/students The colour of the font isAlso the font would represent the life of kept white and the fonta teenager growing up as the writing isnt itself is kept clear and easyperfect and a bit messy on the edges. to read as it stands out from the dark purple background.
  9. 9. The text and font used for themagazines strapline is too small The date line which isand unclear and the audience is also unclear and blurryunable to read it. although its there to inform The reader of how recent the magazine is. The cover lines Are placed in the The colour of the fonts is the wrong same as the masthead this place as makes the magazine look neat Its all put together and helps it to be easily read. and makes the magazine look Really unprofessional.
  10. 10. The art work of a studentis used. This gives out a friendly tone which Really eye- welcomes the audience catchy as there is a use of bright colours The colours connote The picture helps express the positivity and talent of the student artist of the brightness picture which grabs the attention of the audiences in this case the other students
  11. 11. BY -MARWA SAROYA