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Is department of information


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Is department of information

  1. 1.  Top-levels IS management the IS department often is led by a chief information officer. Managers typically have a broad background in IS technology, networking, and computer system.
  2. 2.  Scientists work to make new software. They make new designs for computers. The new thing they are making is artificial intelligence.
  3. 3.  Technical analysis look for solutions. They spend most of there time meeting people. They provide enough detail in there design .
  4. 4.  They create new programs They now how to make new programs out of scratch Team work is what its all about.
  5. 5.  Technical writers must organize data. They teach people how to use the program
  6. 6.  They make hardware and software They need the software to be able to produce product