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Kratin is uniquely positioned in “Mobile Product Innovation and Technical Design” space with passionate team of hands-on mobile architects having vast experience in designing mobile solutions.

With their technical design, Kratin enables companies go beyond good looking mobile applications to deliver seamless end to end rich user experience that can delight end user.

Our team has worked with some of the world\'s top telecom operators and mobile companies like AT&T, SanDisk, Qualcomm, Verizon wireless, Sprint. These solutions have spanned across Android, iPhone, BREW, Blackberry, J2ME platforms. Along with SDK based applications, we also have good experience in designing frameworks and sdk for mobile platforms.

We have been working in Android since its m5 version and along with Android sdk , we also have good expertise in Android NDK and Android OS source code (cupcake, donut, eclair, froyo, gingerbread…). For one of our clients, we had worked on re-engineering the complete experience of Handset using Android source including customization at framework and library level.

Kratin’s architect plays multiple roles in the organization like
1.Technical Analyst: Taking ownership of ever changing technology landscape for marketing team
2.Product Architect: Taking ownership of Non-Functional requirements, product technical roadmap for Product Management team
3.Technologist: Taking ownership of technical feasibility of the user experience for User Experience Design team
4.Platform Architect: Taking ownership of end to end architecture and technical design for Development team
5.Technical Leader : Nurturing Mobile competency in teams and creating business value from Mobile

Kratin is a specialized service company and for an end to end offering it uses its strong alliance and partnership with engineering (software services), UX design and product companies. This ensures that our customer always gets the best of experts for the particular work.

We are open for alliances and partnership with marketing, product, service and UX design companies.

Kratin mobile experts work as technical design partner taking complete ownership of product technical roadmap, architecture and its compliance during development. We find our role as an architect more near to a civil architect in construction, who designs the building blueprint and makes sure that engineering team is adhering to it.

As a technology partner, Kratin’s mission will be to grow your business with ownership of an employee and accountability of a service company.

Please contact us at Satin at Kratin dot co dot in for further information.

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Kratin Mpid Overview

  1. 1. Mobile Product Innovation & Design Innovating Mobile Application & Platforms Presented By Satin Katiyar© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  2. 2. About Kratin Team of Mobile solution experts (Architects) who are passionate about – Envisioning mobility for generating business value – Designing solutions that can delight end user – Nurturing Team on Mobile Solutions Our Team Experience Prominent Companies Domain • Enterprise Mobility • Digital Media • Social Networking • Content Delivery • Native Handset • Infotainment • Location Based • Unified Communication • Synchronization • Mobile Payment • Educational • Storage … Platforms© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  3. 3. Mobile Platform & Design Depth Mobile Platform Features Rich User Experience Collaboration with Connect with Cloud Communication • Custom Views Other Application • Always Connected • SMS/MMS , Email • Animation and Transitions • Inter process • Server Push Mechanisms • Phone Call , VOIP • Augmented Reality Communication • Offline Transactions and • Bluetooth , NFC Mechanisms Data Store Media Management Security Context Awareness Content Integration • RTSP, HTTP Streaming • Secured Storage • Location, Temporal • Enterprise System • DRM • Secured Content Access • Sensors like Accelerometer Integration • Offline Media Cache • Synchronization Management Type of Solutions Design/Architecture Depth • Applications (Thin, Smart, Rich • Event • REST Clients) Driven • Data Driven • Frameworks (API for 3rd Party) • MVC • Scripting Engines • Browser Based Applications • DSL • White Label • Widgets and Live Wallpapers … • Blackboard Solutions …© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  4. 4. What We Do? - Innovation and Design Idea Generation Conceptualization Design Product Development Understanding Describing Guiding Reviewing Why ? What? How? Solution Innovate Envision Design Review Architecture Technology Technical and Technical Technical Audits Innovation Requirements Design Identified opportunities Envisioned mobile CRM Designed platform SDK Setup Agile based of growing business in solution for improving enabling 3rd party engineering process publishing Industry productivity of developers to build on along with Go To using technology. Insurance workforce top of solution Market Roadmap “Kratin – Technical Partner for Growing Business Using Mobile”© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  5. 5. Innovate “Kratin identifies opportunities for growing business using Mobile.” Understand Collect Collaborate • Clients vision and • Stories and • Translate the offering inspiration from collectedActivities • Market drivers of internal and information into industry external sources opportunity Seeds. Approx. Timeline - 1-2 WeeksCollaborate Industry/Domain experts, Marketing Team , Existing Product Team(if any) Opportunity Seeds – Ideas to grow the business value with Mobile. TheseDeliverable can be further filtered based on ROI, complexity, synergy etc. Our Outsource Publisher partnered with Kratin to innovate cutting edge solutions for fulfilling need/desire ofExperience publishing Industry© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  6. 6. Innovate - Grow Business with Mobile Technology How use of Needs Opportunity Landscape mobile can grow my business ? Field survey of GPS, Sensors - boreholes Gyroscope Field survey application for storing borehole lithology along with GPS location. Business Value • 30% reduction in efforts and Improved Rack Jerota Productivity Mining Company Williams Petrick Satin Katiyar • 25% reduction in Mining Expert Technical Expert survey time*Based on real life experiences, names and product have been changed to protect identities. © Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  7. 7. Some Opportunity Seeds Industry Problem Statement Opportunity Manufacturing & Supervisor is called often to Machine inspection and Construction inspect and verify remote troubleshooting using machine/fittings on site Mobile device. Insurance & Agents/MRs often misreport Field force management Pharmaceutical their current location. Daily system in Mobile with real transactions are uploaded in time field tracking and batches of 4 to 5 days. management Retail Long lines are there in NFC based payment system shopping malls at payment for shopping malls including counters during peak season. customer loyalty program. Enterprise Restricting information to Mobile as Corporate Aware employee based on his physical Device with Wi-Fi location fingerprinting for fine spatial access control. “Our technical experts understand business and act as bridge between technology and industry”© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  8. 8. Envision “Translating opportunity to desirable, feasible and viable solution.” Define Requirement Analysis • Product Vision • Feasibility and Viability • Product Roadmap AnalysisActivities • Product Requirements (User • Scope in Iterations and version Stories, Use Cases) Approx. Timeline - 2-3 WeeksCollaborate Marketing team, Product functional expert(Product Manager) Product Requirements – Concrete solution for addressing opportunityDeliverable Product Roadmap – Defining the product evolution journey Our Evolve partnered with Kratin for envisioning mobile CRM solution to improve productivity of InsuranceExperience workforce© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  9. 9. Envision- Crystallizing Idea Technical Functional Product (Developer (User Facing) Requirements Facing) CRM for Insurance • Domain know how • Mobile know how • Workflows • Technical • Customer, Vendor and • Lead , Claims, Roadmap & Partner Management Policies … Requirements • Analytics, Offline • Features and User • Version Scoping support, Integration Stories • Design Goals ... Standards … Business Value • Reduced technical feasibility risks Bob Simon John Ferrate Satin Katiyar • Early time to marketProduct Manager Product Manager Technical Expert© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  10. 10. Mobility for Relationship Management Managing relations with Customers, Vendors and Partners Tailored Solution for Insurance Industry Sales Marketing Customer Service • Lead Management • Team Tracking and • Policy Management • Opportunity Management • Claims Management Management • Response • Interaction • Account Management Management Management • Sales Analytics • Marketing Analytics •… •… •… * These are reproduced here with prior permission of our Client© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  11. 11. Innovate & Envision - Mobile Innovation Hub Platform Features Technical Research Blogs/Articles Go To Mobility Competitor Experience Mobile Analysis Strategy New Business • Productivity Innovate Opportunities Improve • Quality • Profitability© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  12. 12. Design “Defining solution blueprint and evolving it in a agile manner taking complete ownership of design.” Design Iterate • Architecture and high Level Design • Detail design of the components • Technology Selection • Common development aspects …Activities • Design Prototyping … Approx. - 2-3 Weeks … (iterative) Product functional expert(Product Manager), Product UX Design team,Collaborate Engineering team lead Technical Design – Architecture and building blocks of solution , Policies …Deliverable Design Roadmap – Product evolution from Implementation perspective Our Design of SDK and Optimization of application for major MNO in US. ReducedExperience memory footprint by 75%.© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  13. 13. Sample Design elements (Random)… Activity :LuxorEventManager :ContentResolver :LuxorContentProvider getEventsForContactAsync [IEventsReceivedListener getContentResolver Hide a Cache listener ...] ContentResolver AsyncQueryHandler.startQuery (LUXOR_AUTHORITY/ contactid/events,...) query onQueryComplete resultCursor (resultCursor) Populate model from IEventListener.onEvent cursor data Get Geocache List Received (Event list..) Seek Geocache GPS Location Service Capture the Geocacher Tracking Experience IGPSAgent IGPSAgent IGPSAgent IGPSAgent Share the Get the GPS 1. Get the Publish the positions at SerialPortGPSAgent Experience position regular intervals 3. Publish Locations using Events InternalGPSAgent BluetoothGPSAgent GPS Agent GPS Position GPS position Service GPS Agent and Use Case Controllers Filters GPS Fix Filters Apply 1. Getting the user Location User Interface 2. are 2. Getting the User Route elements required for Configurable Information Services available for interaction with User Location Location via XML file Geocacher 3. GPS Quality Parameters completing the Use case (User Interface Visualization Managment (Services) Controls) GPSFix Filters Combining the User GPS filter(1..n) interface and Keep a track of Services to complete published locations and a User task. Route Related (Use case perform the route Queries Interfacing with External Controller) management operations sources of data like GPS Route Service Auxiliary User Interface Position, HTTP Network Communication (Datasource Agents) Services Elements * Sample’s only - These are not the actual product design however they do highlight our approach and varied experience© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  14. 14. Review “Validation and support ensuring product quality.” Define Asses Recommend Verify Activities Objective Approx. Timeline – 1 week /assessment Non Functional DesignParameters Aspects Compliance Reusability Code Quality Portability …Collaborate Product functional expert(Product Manager), Engineering team lead Assessment Reports – Product Technical health and recommendation forDeliverable improving efficiency and quality Our Kratin helped Edutools setup engineering process based on Agile and create a clearExperience product roadmap for Go To market.© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  15. 15. Envision, Design and Review – Design Lab Acceptance Requirement Design Development and (Envision) Deployment Creating Detail Defining Design Defining Technical Design in Iterative Goals Requirements manner Performing Technical Validation Creating Solution Change Impact Architecture and Management Market and Design Competitor technology analysis Prototype based Conducting Technical validation (if Audits Providing required) Deployment and Creating Product Post Deployment Providing Technology Roadmap Creating Design Support support to Roadmap development team Kratin – End to End Solution Architecture and Design Partner© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  16. 16. Architecture for Mobile Solutions Why Projects Fail ? Kratin Mobile Architect • Takes Ownership of Big Picture “We do not need an architect, – Meeting Non Functional We have Smart developers” Requirements, Technology Selection, (We only hire the best) Technical Vision… “Our central architect • Provides Technical Leadership to can design solution, the engineering team it does not need • Hands-On Experience of mobile Hands-on Project Failure helps in using the best of Experience of available platform Mobile” • Requirements of product are not (the ones in ivory Tower) static so is design. “Let’s get an architect in for • Architect stays throughout the First Few Weeks” project duration helping team (they are expensive and do not code) cope up with changes and keep application robust….© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  17. 17. Architecture for Mobile Solutions • A stich in Time save nine, similarly a correct Time to Market technology and design decision can save overall efforts of the team • Common design abstraction across platforms Handling Platform enables Product Managers to focus on Fragmentation Product feature rather than platform support • Ready to use experts helps reducing the ramp Reducing Cost up time for the team. • Reduces development cycle by creating strong Long Term Evolution foundation and promoting code reuse of Product© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  18. 18. Collaborate • You have existing Team – Kratin collaborates with your team by contributing its technical expertise in Product innovation and design • Looking for End to End Partner – Kratin takes end to end ownership of solution with its trusted alliance partners who are expert in their area of working Product Marketing Management User Experience Engineering Team Design© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  19. 19. We Collaborate with Marketing Product Management • Suggest Opportunities based on • Take complete ownership of technology advancement Technical Requirements and Design • Keeping up pace with changing • Regularly review the engineering Technical Landscape deliverable for technical quality User Experience Design Engineering Team • Help in feasibility and user • Developing robust product by experience design by prototyping defining Solution Blueprint • Suggest enhancements based on • Providing Design and Technology platform support to development team Kratin’s forte is Product Innovation and technical design. For end to end solution, Kratin collaborates with your existing team or our alliance partners.© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  20. 20. Why companies work with us? Find Mobility Have a Have Product Development is in interesting Product Idea requirements progress Innovate Envision Design Review Design with right Explore possibilities of Envision idea into Ensure product technology for using mobility for business a world class implementation early market growth product quality launchOur Value Addition Developing Rich and Robust Apps Reduce Time to Market Getting it Right First Time Cost Effective Solutions Cutting Edge Technologies Evolve with constant forces of change Incremental Approach Handling Platform fragmentation …© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms
  22. 22. Thank You!© Copyright Kratin Innovating Mobile Applications and Platforms