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Mobile enterprise


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Quickly and efficiently develop mobile apps that deliver rich user experiences

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Mobile enterprise

  1. 1. IBM Mobile Enterprise Learning for Growth 2012 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Mobile EnterpriseAgenda • The mobile opportunity is HUGE! • The IBM Mobile Enterprise • Get started now!2
  3. 3. IBM Mobile EnterpriseMobile is a mandatory transformation 10 Billion devices by 2020 61% of CIOs put mobile as a high priority 45% increased productivity with mobile apps3
  4. 4. IBM Mobile EnterpriseWith enormous opportunities Business to Enterprise Business to Consumer • Increase worker productivity • Improve customer satisfaction • Improve claims processing • Deeper customer engagement and • Extend existing applications to mobile loyalty workers and customers • Drive increased sales through • Increase employee and business personalized offers partner responsiveness and decisions • Customer service • Resolve internal IT issues faster • Competitive differentiator • Reduce personnel cost utilizing • Improve brand perception personal devices • Deeper insight into customer buying behavior for up sell and cross sell4
  5. 5. IBM Mobile EnterpriseAgenda • The mobile opportunity is HUGE! • The IBM Mobile Enterprise • Get started now!5
  6. 6. IBM Mobile EnterpriseHow do we have to think about mobile differently? Platforms Apps • Networks Business • Smarter Commerce Vodafone • Devices strategy and • Social Business • OS’s planning • BI & Analytics Process & • Etc. transaction integrity Full lifecycle solutions Open cross-platform development End-to-end security and management Integration with backend systems, enterprise data and cloud IBM Mobile Enterprise6 Open Governed Integral
  7. 7. IBM Mobile EnterpriseIBM strategy addresses client mobile initiativesExtend & Transform Build & ConnectExtend existing business Build mobile applicationscapabilities to mobile devices Connect to, and runTransform the business by backend systems in supportcreating new opportunities of mobile Manage & Secure Manage mobile devices, services and applications Secure my mobile business7
  8. 8. IBM Mobile EnterpriseA deeper look at Extend & Transform capabilitiesExtend & Transform Build & ConnectExtend existing businesscapabilities to mobile devicesTransform the business bycreating new opportunities Key Capabilities • Strategy, planning and implementation • Mobile-enabled solutions including analytics, commerce, and social business • Mobile as a service Manage & Secure8
  9. 9. 9 IBM Mobile Enterprise IBM Software Services for Mobile Foundation A comprehensive suite of capabilities for your mobile initiatives Helping you address your mobile challenges: Build a mobile strategy Use mobile to Create new business opportunities Design an optimized mobile experience Develop and Deploy mobile apps that target multiple platforms using best practices Integrate with your enterprise 9
  10. 10. IBM Mobile EnterpriseA deeper look at Build & Connect capabilitiesExtend & Transform Build & Connect Build mobile applications Connect to, and run backend systems in support of mobile Key Capabilities • Mobile web, hybrid and native app development • Enterprise data, service, and application integration • Enterprise wireless networking Manage & Secure10
  11. 11. IBM Mobile EnterpriseKey Build & Connect challenges Fragmentation / Consumerization / Time to market / Reutilization Delivering for multiple platforms Consumerization of IT and need to deliver high quality apps• Highly fragmented set of … • High quality user experience is a • Platforms and devices requirement • Languages, APIs, and tools • Quality influenced as much by• Native programming models not design as it is by function portable across platforms Accelerated time to market Connecting apps and mobile users requirements with existing enterprise systems • Higher frequency of releases • Existing services typically need to and updates be adapted and extended for • Added pressure on teams to mobile deliver on time and with quality • Enterprise wireless networks are running out of bandwidth to accommodate employee devices11
  12. 12. IBM Mobile Enterprise Build, connect, manage and secure your mobile enterprise IBM Mobile Foundation Includes • IBM Worklight • IBM WebSphere Cast Iron IBM Mobile • IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Foundation Devices Plus New Services Offering • IBM Software Services for Mobile Foundation Complementary Offerings • IBM Solutions for Social Business • IBM Smarter Commerce • IBM Exceptional Web Experience • IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management • IBM WebSphere Message Broker and DataPower • IBM Secure Access Manager (ISAM)12
  13. 13. IBM Mobile EnterpriseDelivering for multiple mobile platformsIBM WorklightFast and cost-effective development, integration and management of rich, cross-platform mobile applications Client Challenge Using standards-based technologies and tools and delivering an enterprise-grade services layer that meets the needs of mobile employees and customers Key Capabilities Mobile optimized middleware • Open approach to 3rd-party integration • Mix native and HTML • Strong authentication framework • Encrypted offline availability • Enterprise back-end connectivity • Unified push notifications IBM Worklight is not only about • Data collection for analytics mobile app UI creation but is a full • Direct updates and remote disablement mobile middleware.13
  14. 14. IBM Mobile Enterprise IBM Worklight architecture1414
  15. 15. IBM Mobile Enterprise IBM Worklight components IBM Worklight studio The most complete, extensible environment with maximum code reuse and per-device optimization IBM Worklight server Unified notifications, runtime skins, version management, security, integration and delivery IBM Worklight runtime components Extensive libraries and client APIs that expose and interface with native device functionality IBM Worklight console A web-based console for real-time analytics and control of your mobile apps and infrastructure1515
  16. 16. IBM Mobile Enterprise IBM Worklight application types BrowserApps Web Access Browser Access Hybrid Apps - Web Hybrid Apps Web Hybrid Apps - Web Hybrid Apps - Mixed Hybrid Apps - Mixed Native Apps Native Apps Native Apps Written in HTML5 HTML5 code and User augments Platform-specific. JavaScript and IBM Worklight web code with Requires unique CSS3. Quick and runtime libraries native language expertise, pricy cheap to develop, packaged within for unique needs and long to but less powerful the app and and maximized develop. Can than native. executed in a user experience. deliver higher native shell. user experience. Mobile Browser Native Shell Native Shell Native App 1001010101011101001 Web Code Web Native 0100100101011101001 0011010101010100100 Web Code <!DOCT 100101 1001011110010011001 <!DOCTYPE html 010101 0101010010101010100 PUBLIC YPE html 110100 1010101010101010101 <!DOCTYPE html <html> 101010 PUBLIC <! - - created 2003-12-1 PUBLIC 0111111000001010101 created 101010 <html> <head><title>XYZ</title 100100 0101010010010101010 <! - - created 2003-12- </head> 2003-12 </p> 100101 1010100011110101000 12 - - </body> 111001 1111010100111010101 <head><title>XYZ</title </html> </body> </html> 001100 1111001011011110100 > 10 </head> <body> </p> </body> </html> Device APIs Device APIs Device APIs Browser Access Downloadable Downloadable Downloadable1616
  17. 17. IBM Mobile Enterprise Downloadable (native) apps High-quality user experience and full Application device access. File System Stores (on mobile device) Platform-specific, requires unique Native App expertise, expensive to (Java/Objective-C/C#) develop and maintain. Mobile Operating System1717
  18. 18. IBM Mobile Enterprise Web apps Web Server Written in HTML5 JavaScript and CSS3. Mobile Browser Quick and cheap to develop. Native App (Java/Objective-C/C#) Less powerful than native and limited device access. Mobile Operating System1818
  19. 19. IBM Mobile Enterprise Hybrid apps Combines best of both worlds: Application File System Stores (on mobile device) Primarily written in HTML5, CSS, JS while Native Container allowing full access to device capabilities. HTML, CSS, JavaScript Mobile Operating System1919
  20. 20. IBM Mobile Enterprise IBM Worklight shell approach Trusted Allows development of App downloadable apps Repository without any knowledge File System of native development (on mobile device) languages. Native Container (“Shell”) with custom functionality Dedicated teams with for performance and native expertise can security provide custom native HTML, CSS, JavaScript capabilities and security functions to Mobile Operating System app developers.2020
  21. 21. IBM Mobile Enterprise IBM Worklight Studio • Eclipse-based IDE • Combining native and standard web technologies in one multiplatform app • Environment-specific optimization • 3rd-party libraries integration • Device SDK integration • Back-end connectivity utilities21
  22. 22. IBM Mobile Enterprise IBM Worklight Studio Integrated Development Environment (Eclipse Plug-in) Application development using native and/or familiar web technologies: • HTML5 • CSS3 • JavaScript Integrated device SDKs allow direct access from within the IDE to emulators and code debugging utilities22
  23. 23. IBM Mobile Enterprise Unlimited application functionality • Full access to device features • Integration of 3rd-party libraries, both JavaScript and native • Application store ready • A variety of application types: • Downloadable apps • Mobile Web apps • Desktop gadgets and Web widgets23
  24. 24. IBM Mobile Enterprise Single shared codebase Common code placed in primary file Environment optimization code is maintained separately24
  25. 25. IBM Mobile Enterprise Incorporated device SKDs25
  26. 26. IBM Mobile Enterprise Incorporated device SDKs – Continued26
  27. 27. IBM Mobile Enterprise Integrating best-in-class tools IBM Worklight is compatible with prominent HTML5 libraries and tools:27
  28. 28. IBM Mobile Enterprise Runtime Skins – Use cases Different Screen Sizes Different Screen Densities Different Input Method Support for HTML528
  29. 29. IBM Mobile Enterprise Hybrid Coding – Native and web Combine HTML5 and native-based pages in the same application Call native code from HTML-based pages Display HTML and native components together on the same page29
  30. 30. IBM Mobile Enterprise Hybrid Coding – Why mix native and web? Write the majority of the code in reusable web languages Maximize user experience and achieve unique functionality with native code30
  31. 31. IBM Mobile Enterprise The Shell-based application Reducing the barriers of mobile development, making it ubiquitous across the organization, by compartmentalizing skill-sets and responsibilities Shell Team Inner App Team Distributed App • Security configurations • Shell fed by repository • Business logic and audits • Shell fused with app • Develop the UI • Authentication • Shell packaged with • Data integration • Mobile expertise directory Server App Stores App Stores31
  32. 32. IBM Mobile Enterprise Architecture of the shell application • Architecture • The Shell consists of native and web code Customizable Native Shell Code • Inner app consists of web code only Mobile Browser • Native access • The Shell provides JavaScript access to native device capabilities Inner Application • Sandbox Web Code • The Shell can restrict inner apps from accessing unsanctioned native and JavaScript functions Customizable • Customization Web Shell Code • The Shell can include custom native and web libraries and APIs, branding resources, authentication, and integration components • API restrictions are also customizable • Diversity Device APIs • Company may distribute multiple shells for different trust levels, authentication types, corporate departments, etc.32
  33. 33. IBM Mobile Enterprise IBM Worklight Server • Distribution of mobile web apps • Enterprise connectivity: • Secure client/server connectivity • Direct access to enterprise back-end data and transaction capabilities • Authentication enforcement • Client control: • Application version management and remote disabling • Direct update of application code • Unified Push Notifications • Aggregation of usage statistics33
  34. 34. IBM Mobile Enterprise Back-end integration Secure back-end integration XML-based declarative specification Multi-source data mashups Eclipse plug-in supporting auto-complete and validation Simplified adapter testing Server-side debugging Web services and JDBC integration Access to session data and user properties3434
  35. 35. IBM Mobile Enterprise Direct Update – On-device logic 1. Web resources packaged with app to Native Shell ensure initial offline 1 Download availability Pre-packaged resources 2. Web resources App Store transferred to apps 2 Transfer cache storage 3 Check for 3. App checks for updates updates • On startup Cached • On foreground IBM resources Worklight Web server resources 4. Updated web resources Update 4 web downloaded when resource necessary35
  36. 36. IBM Mobile Enterprise Direct Update - Distribution V1.0 V1.0 Native Shell Web Code Web IBM Worklight Server Updated Web Resources Resources for V1.0 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC <html> <! - - created 2011-12-1 <head><title>X YZ</title IBM </head> </body> </html> Worklight Maintains recent web resources for native apps V1.0 Updated Web Studio Resources for V1.1 and V1.1 V1.1 V1.1 Native Develop: Shell Web Code •Native app •Web resources Native + <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC <html> Application Stores (*) <! - - created Web Download 2011-12-1 <head><title>X YZ</title </head> Resources </body> </html> (*) During development cycles, testers automatically get recent web resources via internal distribution mechanisms and not application stores.36
  37. 37. IBM Mobile Enterprise Unified Push Notifications IBM Apple Notification iOS Worklight Polling iOS Push State Push Client-side Adapters Dispatcher Servers Database API Push (APN) Services Unified Push Back-end API Systems IBM Google Message- Android Worklight User-device Android Push based Push Client-side Database Dispatcher Servers Adapters API Push (C2DM) Services Administrative Console37
  38. 38. IBM Mobile Enterprise Flexible Push Notification Framework One application multiple devices One application multiple devices Multiple event sources used in same app Multiple event sources used in same app Multiple apps using the same event source Multiple apps using the same event source Multiple users logging into the same app Multiple users logging into the same app38
  39. 39. IBM Mobile Enterprise Centralized Build IBM Worklight Build System39
  40. 40. IBM Mobile Enterprise Device runtime components • Framework for server integration: • Secure server connectivity • Authentication • Remote disable & notification • Push registration • Dynamic page loading & caching (coming soon) • Event reporting for analytics & audit • Cross-platform compatibility layer • Runtime Skins • Secure encrypted storage40
  41. 41. IBM Mobile Enterprise IBM Worklight Console • Application Version Management • Push management • Usage reports and analytics • Reports of custom application events • Configurable audit log • Administrative dashboards for: • Deployed applications • Installed adapters • Push notifications • Data export to BI enterprise systems41
  42. 42. IBM Mobile Enterprise Session authentication management Step 1 – Unauthenticated session 1. Call Protected 1. Call Protected IBM Worklight Procedure Procedure Server Access denied - session is 2. Request unauthenticated or expired 2. Request Authentication Authentication Session: •Created on first access from client •Identified using session cookie •Associated data is stored on the server42
  43. 43. IBM Mobile Enterprise Session Authentication management Step 2 – Authentication 1. Obtain credentials from 1. Obtain credentials from IBM Worklight user and device user and device Server 2. Forward credentials 2. Forward credentials Process authentication data 3. If necessary: 3. If necessary: •Consult with authentication servers •Consult with authentication servers •Receive authentication token •Receive authentication token •Associate token with session •Associate token with session43
  44. 44. IBM Mobile Enterprise Session Authentication management Step 3 – Authenticated session 1. Procedure call on IBM Worklight 1. Procedure call on authenticated session authenticated session Server Authenticated token associated with session 3. Procedure result 3. Procedure result Session ID Auth Tokens/State 2bd4296a3 Realm 1: f2 25418 25617ff82a Realm 2: ----- 1: 9 --- 2. 2. Access back-end service Access back-end service using authentication token using authentication token 89a77921b Realm 2: 1: 0 a6ca9 7b8fdf Realm 2: 6a8a344
  45. 45. IBM Mobile Enterprise Dynamic control of deployed apps • Centralized control of all installed applications and adapters • Remotely disable apps by device and version • Customize user messages45
  46. 46. IBM Mobile Enterprise Push services management46
  47. 47. IBM Mobile Enterprise Data collection and analytics47
  48. 48. IBM Mobile Enterprise Mobile security measuresMechanism Benefits DetailsEncrypted offline • Protect against stealing • Uses AES256 and PCKS #5 for on-device encrypted storage of app-generatedcache data, with random server-generated numbers for high security sensitive information via • Allows user authentication when server is offline malware, stolen devices • Implemented in JS (highly obfuscated) with optional native performance enhancementsSSL identity • Protect against man-in-the- • Client-side AJAX framework automatically verifies IBM Worklight-server credentialsverification for middle attacksAJAX codeClient • Prevent impersonation by • Challenge-response based mechanism for proving client-application identity • Uses tamper-resistant self-inspecting codeattestation phishing apps • Protect apps from manipulation by malwareRemote code • Ensure timely propagation of critical • New versions of the code can be distributed without requiring update of the appupdates security updates to entire install (currently JS/HTML) baseRemote disable of • Ensure timely propagation of critical • Server-side console allows configuration of allowed app versions. Administratorspecific versions security updates to entire install can force users to install security updates to the native code baseAuthentication • Lower the cost and • Server-side architecture for integration with back-end authenticationprocess framework infrastructure based on JAAS, with Authentication realms complexity of robust • Client-side framework for asynchronous login requests on session expiration integration with the authenticationServer-side • Prevention of SQL injection • Prepared-statement enforcement infrastructuresafeguards • XSRF protection • Validation of submitted data against session cookieDevice identification • Prevent account-hijacking • Safely report device ID to the server • Identifying a user with specific devices48
  49. 49. IBM Mobile Enterprise Mobile security measures - ContinuedMechanism Benefits Details • Leverage existing • Client side mechanism obtains and encrypts user credentials, sends to the serverEnterprise SSO with requests enterprise authentication • Encryption incorporates user-supplied PIN, Server-side secret and DIDintegration facilities and user • Credentials cannot be retrieved from lost or stolen device credentials • Enable employee-owned • Enable the secure delivery • Client side and server side framework act as SSL based VPN devices • Network access control and policies pre-configured in the client side frameworkVPN alternative and operation of mobile layer applications for employee • Network access and security measures updated using server side framework owned devices or device • On device encrypted storage to prevent compromise of sensitive data types not allowed on the corporate network • Enable the secure delivery in cases where the installation of VPN client on mobile devices is not possible or complicated to manage49
  50. 50. IBM Mobile Enterprise Ensuring application performance Network Access Mechanisms •APIs for network-, device-, and location-based behavior •Enabled background operations •Mobile-friendly slim JSON protocol for data transfer •Reduced online traffic via backend data mashups •Secure on-device storage Code Management Mechanisms •Use of high-performing CSS3 and HTML5 code •Use of Fragments loads only relevant code •Pre-packaged app resources eliminate loading time (Hybrid Apps) •OTA updates are zipped and include only relevant skins (Hybrid Apps) •Automatic HTML5 cache manifest by the server (Web Apps)50
  51. 51. 51 IBM Mobile Enterprise Rapid, simple & flexible connectivity for mobile apps WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration Simple and flexible integration for all connectivity projects, allowing you to rapidly integrate SaaS and back-end systems with mobile apps Client Challenge Simplified and cost effective mobile integration to back-end systems and cloud Key Capabilities • New Cast Iron Worklight connector to expedite mobile applications connectivity challenges. Can be extended with native connectors and template integration processes (TIP’s) to connect mobile apps to backend & cloud systems, reducing project costs up to 80% • Bidirectional connectivity and business logic to increase data quality and streamline business processes • Centralized monitoring • Simple and flexible, user-friendly, wizard-based, “configuration, not coding” architecture provides best-practices and repeatable mobile integration 51
  52. 52. IBM Mobile Enterprise Extend back-end to mobile IBM WebSphere Message Broker •Simply Connect FROM anywhere TO anywhere •Simple & Easy –to Install, Learn, Develop, Deploy and Manage •Visually Map and Transform between any two message or file formats Connect Everything to Everything Apps Microsoft Microsoft MATCHES & ROUTES communications between services Dynamics Web Services TRANSFORMS Dynamics Web Services • between different data formats CONVERTS BAM MQ,JMS,MSMQ between different transport protocols MQ,JMS,MSMQ IDENTIFIES & DISTRIBUTES business events Databases z/OS, AS400 z/OS, AS40052 Databases
  53. 53. IBM Mobile EnterpriseA deeper look at Manage & Secure capabilitiesExtend & Transform Build & Connect Manage & Secure Manage mobile devices, services Key Capabilities and applications • Mobile lifecycle management Secure my mobile business • Device analytics and control • Secure network communications & management53
  54. 54. IBM Mobile Enterprise Next Steps• To learn more about IBM’s mobile enterprise, go to: http://www-• To learn more about IBM Mobile Foundation go to:• For additional information on IBM Worklight go to:• To try IBM Worklight mobile platform, register for the trial download at:• Watch this informative webinar: Harnessing the Power of Mobile in the Enterprise54
  55. 55. IBM Mobile EnterpriseMore information • IBM Mobile Enterprise Community • IBM Mobile Enterprise on → • IBM Mobile Enterprise Sales Kit → • IBM Mobile Foundation brochure → • IBM Worklight data sheet → • IBM Worklight Sales Kit • IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices data sheet → • Comcast/Worklight client video → • IBM Mobile Foundation getting started WIKI → • Personal page:
  56. 56. IBM Mobile Enterprise Learn more at:© Copyright IBM Corporation 2012. All rights reserved. The information contained in these materials is provided for informational purposes only, and is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind,express or implied. IBM shall not be responsible for any damages arising out of the use of, or otherwise related to, these materials. Nothing contained in these materials is intended to, nor shall havethe effect of, creating any warranties or representations from IBM or its suppliers or licensors, or altering the terms and conditions of the applicable license agreement governing the use of IBMsoftware. References in these materials to IBM products, programs, or services do not imply that they will be available in all countries in which IBM operates. Product release dates and/or capabilitiesreferenced in these materials may change at any time at IBM’s sole discretion based on market opportunities or other factors, and are not intended to be a commitment to future product or featureavailability in any way. IBM, the IBM logo, Rational, the Rational logo, Telelogic, the Telelogic logo, and other IBM products and services are trademarks of the International Business MachinesCorporation, in the United States, other countries or both. Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. 56