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Imaginea Service Sheet - Interaction Design


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Imaginea Service Sheet - Interaction Design

  1. 1. imaginea service sheet Imaginea Interaction Design Services For Richer, Brilliant, Best-in-Class Applications Imaginea’s Interaction Design Services team have set a high bar for user experience, usability and efficiency. Our comprehensive, RIA development offering provides more than just aesthetics and a fine finish. We are known for our focus on data, scalability, and reliability. We pool in expertise from the other groups within Imaginea to offer you a complete solution.Copyright © 2010, Imaginea Inc. Imaginea is a Pramati business. All Trade Names and Marks belong to their respective owners.
  2. 2. SERVICE SHEETIMAGINEA INTERACTION DESIGN SERVICES 2 Imaginea Interaction Design Services • Product interaction design • Usability architecture - review, design and implementation • Usability testing • Usability-heuristics and analysis • RIA, Web 2.0, social media applications design and development services Imaginea Interaction Design Services-Complexity Kills Beyond UsabilitySoftware applications have become complex, If you are a product development company thatpowerful beasts. Their complexity is one of the does not wish to take a chance with your user’sreasons why businesses sometimes fail to fully product experience, and have set a high bar for userrealize the expected return on investment from experience, usability and efficiency, you need to lookthese products. Software product companies spend no further. At Imaginea, we have been helpingconsiderable time researching, carefully segmenting companies assess their user needs, and have beentheir market, thoroughly understanding their making recommendations, developing nifty, efficientcustomer’s fundamental business requirements, and applications with our rich experience in Interactionusing all their ingenuity and technical expertise to Design, and have been very successful at it.develop products. Yet, many products fail to Whether rich-client applications or RIA, desktopelectrify users in spite of the great functionality applications or serious enterprise managementavailable, failing to meet basic needs of the users – systems, stolid platforms, or heady social-mediaswiftly turning ‘killer apps’ into fatal casualties. widgets – we have helped them all.While vendors appreciate the dangers of The User-centered methodology of Imagineacomplexity, the pressures from investors, ensures that our designs are in line with the user’scompetitors, analysts and the trade, the lack of time goals, and with your business objectives. We doand suitable in-house expertise forces them to exhaustive Research and Analysis to understandbravely soldier on, and hope for the best. User Mental Models, business objectives,imaginea
  3. 3. SERVICE SHEETIMAGINEA INTERACTION DESIGN SERVICES 3Competition Advantage and issues with current like Ajax and Flex, and Ruby on Rails™, we makesystems before proposing any design solutions. internet applications look, ‘feel’ and work likeFollowing an iterative approach, we validate and desktop applications.improve our design constantly by incorporating user Our comprehensive, RIA development offeringfeedback. The User-centered methodology of provides more than just aesthetics and a fine finish.Imaginea can be tailored to suit your budget and We are known for our focus on data, scalability, andbusiness goals. reliability. We pool in expertise from the otherRich, Reliable Internet Applications groups within Imaginea such as, Service-orientedOur expertise does not begin and end with Usability. Architecture, Middleware Infrastructure andOur Web 2.0 and Social Media applications Performance Engineering and Optimization, backeddevelopment team combines over a decade of by our sound software product developmentexperience in building enterprise class software practices to make sure your product performs at itsproducts and now, new-age Rich Internet peak, even under back-breaking loads.Application (RIA) technologies. Using technologiesimaginea
  4. 4. SERVICE SHEETIMAGINEA INTERACTION DESIGN SERVICES 4 To find out how we can help develop rich, Web 2.0, RIA, UX Expertise: interactive applications that you will be proud of, Web 2.0 Mechanics, Web 2.0 UI Uplifting, Web please get in touch with us. 2.0 Re-engineering, User Experience Analysis and Design, Usability, Visual Styling, Rich Interface Apps with Ajax™ or Flex™, Dashboards, Web-based Reports AIR™, Silverlight™, Ruby on Rails™ Rapid prototyping using Axure™ Wire protocols like SOAP and REST, EXTJS, GXT, prototype, DOJO, jQuery, ActionScript™ 3.0, Flex 3.0, Cairngorm™ Frameworks like Flash™-based monitoring framework, tagging framework, extended MVC framework, desktop appserver platform, re-usable Ajax widgetsimagineaImaginea provides product engineering services to independent software vendors, enterprises and online SaaS businesses looking for reliable technology partner. Servicesstretch end to end, from interaction design to development to testing to managing clouds. For more information on Imaginea, visit Imaginea is abusiness unit of Pramati Technologies ( Contact: 1975, W. El Camino Real, Suite 301, Mountain View, CA 94040 | +1 (866) 660 6533 | sales@imaginea.comCopyright ©2010, Imaginea Inc. Private Limited. All trademarks and names belong to their respective owners.