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New microsoft office power point presentation (2)


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New microsoft office power point presentation (2)

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION A lot of brands selling and manufacturing cell phones and mobiles are in the market but Nokia cell phones are the leaders in the race. With over a dozen varieties and models lining up every day the customer is left in confusion as to what to buy. MODELS Nokia has a number of models to offer like the Nokia 1000series, Nokia 2000series, Nokia 3000series, Nokia 5000series, Nokia6000series, Nokia 7000series, Nokia8000series, Nokia9000series, Nokia E series, Nokia N series, and others. FEATURES These cells come in slides, flips, smart phone and standard models. The brand boasts of varied features like Bluetooth, color screen, 3G, GPRS, GPS, IRDA, Infrared, Java enabled, MMS enabled, MP3 player, Polyphonic ring tones, Radio, Snap on cover, USB, Streaming video, Vibration, etc along with cameras with VGA camera, 1-1.9 mega pixels, 2-3.5 mega pixels, 3.5mega pixels and more. The Nokia cell phoneshas something in terms of design and its user-friendly features are unremarkable.
  2. 2. ACCESSORIES The Nokia Company also provides a host of accessories which comealong with the hand sets like chargers, batteries, ear phones /headset and themanual which describes how to use the piece. There are other accessorieslike cases and pouches, chargers, data cables, enhancements, faceplates,Handsfree headsets. You can also buy other accessories which enhance yourset. The other fancy accessories are chains, flashers, holders, LCD screens,Scratch guard, stylus, memory card readers, etc.PRICE Nokia mobile phones have a wide price range. Depending on theprice are the different features installed. But the basic purpose is served whatever be the price. Nokia phones are a must own gadget these days.
  3. 3. GOALSVISION  One of the goals of Nokia’s long-term equity-based incentive program is to focus executives on “ THE VISION OF NOKIA:promoting the long-term value sustainability of the company and on building value for shareholders on a long-term basis. Our vision is a world where  In addition to granting stock options, performance shares and restricted shares, Nokia also encourages be ownership everyone can stock connected. by its top executives and have stock ownership commitment guidelines with minimum recommendations ensure that 5 Our vision is to tied to annual billion people are always base salaries. For the President and CEO, the recommended minimum investment in Nokia shares corresponds to three times his annual base salary and for members ofgiven point connected a tany the Nokia Leadership Team two times the member’s annual base salary, respectively. To meet this requirement, all members more and to achieve100 fold of the Nokia Leadership Team are expected to retain 50% of network traffic in any after-tax gains from equity programs ” shares until the minimum investment level is met.
  4. 4. Communications is becoming richer Seamless voice Push to talk Rich Call Multimedia Access Corporate messaging between Systems &E-mail mobile and PC Real Time VideoSharing from mobile Mobile meeting with phone to PC PC and mobile terminals Browse Internet Interactive on line gaming with PC and Rich Media mobile Delivery Share Pictures, Music, Video
  5. 5. November 2009 forecast of mobile services Global Mobile Service Revenues Entertainment & Entertainment Business Other data Media & Media data services P-to-p 3% Other data services 10% 2%messaging services 4% 8% 1% P-to-p messaging 10% Voice and Voice and other other calls calls 74% 2010 88% 2011 Total Revenue: €400bn Total Revenue: €635bn
  6. 6. CONCLUSION With the above study I have understood that Nokia isthe world’s leading company in Cell phone manufacturing . This company is success full not just in one particularcountry or continent but it is been successful throughoutthe world .It has builted a Brand of quality product .That is the main reason why it is been accepted byall the people around world.If we see the Mission of the company we can understandhow much thecompany has given importance to theproduct quality and marketing.We can say that that is the mainreason for the hugesuccess of the company ..