Brian Chiva-Som CSR and the Preserve Hua Hin Group Sep 2012


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While Chiva-Som is world renowned as Asia’s first luxury health resort, it is also well known in the local community for its ongoing commitment and holistic approach to CSR. Combined with environmental stewardship and continual focus on reducing the ecological footprint of the operation, this dedication is paramount in developing staff members and their families while reaching out with community development, social welfare and education programs in Hua Hin, Thailand.

As the Sustainable Development Coordinator for Chiva-Som International Health Resorts, Brian Anderson will share how Chiva Som's CSR strategy helps to sustain economic prosperity as well as nurture a healthy, safe and vibrant community. He will also talk about the Preserve Hua Hin Group, Chiva-Som’s environmental preservation organization that organizes social events such as “climate positive”, carbon neutral concerts, marathons, reforestation projects and beach clean-ups to promote environmental preservation and awareness and increase social interaction in the local community.

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Brian Chiva-Som CSR and the Preserve Hua Hin Group Sep 2012

  1. 1. Chiva-Som Responsibility (CSR) Environmental & Social Wellness
  2. 2. Message from Our ChairmanDear Friends,At Chiva-Som we are truly holistic in ourapproach to wellness, and we provide asanctuary for our guests to rest, relax,rejuvenate and focus on their lifelong goals ofimproved health and longevity. Since openingthe Resort in 1995, we‟ve embraced theimportance of corporate social responsibility bytreating our staff as family, and continuallysearch and implement sustainable alternatives toreduce the environmental impact resulting from Krip Rojanastienour operation. And our collective commitment tolocal community development activities is thedirect result of our staff‟s altruistic volunteerismto improve the Hua Hin Municipality as well as Chairman & CEOthe Kingdom of Thailand.
  3. 3. Chiva-Som ResponsibilityEnvironmental Stewardship Preserve Hua Hin Group Social Welfare Community Well-being
  4. 4. UN Global Compact• Signatory• 8,000 in 135 countries• Global Reporting Index GRI• Caring For Climate Initiative (341)• CEO Water Mandate (80)
  5. 5. UN Global Compact• Largest Voluntary Initiative• Sustainable Business Models• Human Rights• Labor• Environment• Anti-Corruption
  6. 6. Environmental Stewardship Operational Efficiency and ComplianceStrictly adhering to our Policy on Environmental & Social Sustainability, Chiva-Somremains committed to the preservation of our planet Earth and proactively involvedin conserving our precious natural resources. The Resort maintains the prestigiousEarthcheck Green Globe Certification recognising our commitment to operating atthe world‟s highest environmental standard.
  7. 7. Chiva-Som LILACS Lowering the Impact of Luxury Accommodation for SustainabilityThe Resort has several initiatives, policies and practices in place for energyefficiency and conservation, waste water treatment and reuse, fresh waterconservation, waste minimisation and recycling, and eco-friendly productusage. Waste water and rainfall are collected and processed through tertiarytreatment and reused to maintain the Resort lake level and irrigate the lush,green landscape. Three hundred square meters of solar water heating panelsare used to preheat the water in the Resort and our swimming pools aresanitised using the healthier choice of the sodium chloride system.
  8. 8. Energy Efficiency & LEEDMitigating Climate Change through Responsible Business PracticesChiva-Som is engaging with the Clinton Climate Initiative‟s EnergyEfficiency Building Retrofit Program to replace chiller cooling systems withstate of the art technology, and low electricity consuming LED lighting isbeing installed throughout the Resort. The estimated electricity reduction is26% with a related 20% decrease in the Resort‟s carbon footprint.Preparation is currently underway for LEED Certification (Leadership inEnergy and Environmental Design) as an existing facility and operationthrough the US Green Building Council.
  9. 9. Organic Sustenance Producing Healthy Food for Good NutritionAlong with growing many of our own fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowerswithout the use of harmful chemicals, the Chiva-Som Organic Farm followssimple practices such as composting organic waste from the Resort to producenutrient-rich fertiliser. The fresh produce is used in our spa cuisine as well assome organic spa treatments. Locally produced perishable products andservices are continually sought after to help boost the home economy andreduce carbon emissions resulting from long-distance transportation.
  10. 10. Clean, Healthy Food Providing the Most Nutritious Cuisine without CompromiseTo ensure that we always provide the cleanest, healthiest meals for ourguests and staff, Chiva-Som is modifying and developing food processingsystems in preparation for the internationally-recognised Hazard Analysis andCritical Control Point Certification (HACCP).
  11. 11. Waste Reduction Two Tangible Items: Waste and Carbon EmissionsWe realise that just about everything we do has an impact on the environment,and in the hospitality industry, waste and carbon emissions are consideredtangible products. Our Resource Conservation & Recovery Programme is ourongoing commitment to saving energy and water, and recycling and reusingwaste materials to minimise any amount sent to landfill. Renewable energysystems are constantly being explored to decrease our reliance on non-renewablefossil fuels and reduce the carbon footprint of our operation and related activities. To save electricity and related carbon emissions, our staff follow the simplepractice of switching off lights, air conditioning and other electrical applianceswhen not in use. To reduce plastic waste and the ecological footprint of potablewater delivery and consumption, reverse osmosis water purification systems areinstalled and complimentary stainless steel vacuum bottles are provided for allguests to use during their stay at Chiva-Som, and take home and use for manyyears. Low-flow taps and showers are installed throughout the Resort to conservefresh water and minimise any wastage. Our policy of changing bed linens andbath towels every three days is offered to guests to conserve water and reducelaundry service. Fruit and vegetable peels are converted into compost and foodscraps are delivered to the local farm for animal fodder.
  12. 12. Preserve Hua Hin Group Environmental Preservation and Community Wellness Withfocus to reduce the ecological footprint of the city of Hua Hin‟s growingpopulation, Chiva-Som formed the Preserve Hua Hin Group (PHHG) as acommunity development organisation in 2004. PHHG organises events such asoutdoor concerts, marathons, reforestation projects and beach clean-ups topromote environmental awareness and preservation, and to increase socialinteraction in the local community. PHHG continues to build momentum andcollective support to assist the municipality in nurturing a healthy, safe andvibrant community and sustain Hua Hin into the future with a socially responsibleand environmentally conscious approach.
  13. 13. Mangrove Ecosystem Education Educating Today‟s Youth for a Sustainable FutureThe Preserve Hua Hin Group and Chiva-Som organize the annual MangroveEcosystem Study Camps to help students gain first-hand knowledge of themangrove ecosystem and other environmental issues including climate change andenvironmental degradation caused by human activity and commercialdevelopment. Recognized as Junior Ambassadors, the students learn about thesymbiotic relationship between plants, animals and water to help them understandboth the stability and fragility of the ecosystem, and develop respect for nature.
  14. 14. Concert for Sustainability “Climate Positive” Concert to Combat Climate ChangeThe annual “I Love Hua Hin” Concert is set up as a Carbon Neutral, “ClimatePositive” event to raise awareness in the fight against runaway climatechange and environmental degradation, and to raise funds for PHHG‟spreservation initiatives. The carbon dioxide emissions generated from theevent and related activities are offset by a carbon credit donation of 76metric tonnes and our ongoing reforestation projects elevate the concert toClimate Positive status.
  15. 15. Heavy Half Marathon & Fun Run Community Challenge for Good Health and LongevityThe annual Preserve Hua Hin Heavy Half Marathon & Fun Run has takenplace every spring since 2004 and attracts over 1,000 runners from Thailandas well as from around the world. This year a Rock‟n‟Roll Charity Concertand Pasta Party was also held the night before the race to raise funds for thedevelopment of a Mangrove Ecosystem Education Center and reforestationproject at Wat Khao Krai Lart temple in Hua Hin.
  16. 16. Teamwork for Sustainability Mangrove Reforestation Project with Preserve Hua Hin GroupAs one of our initiatives to help mitigate runaway climate change, theChiva-Som Family with Preserve Hua Hin Group planted 300 mangrove treeson April 25, 2012 to restore the Wat Khao Krai Lart temple mangrove area inKhao Takiab, Hua Hin. The Chiva-Som Mangrove Reforestation Project isregistered in the Earth Day Network‟s “A Billion Acts of Green” campaign.
  17. 17. Social Welfare Taking Care for a Sustainable OrganisationAnnual medical check-ups are given to all of our staff along with medical anddental insurance to ensure good health, and many of us volunteer to donateblood for the Thai Red Cross. A company-assisted Provident Fund is offered toaugment personal savings.
  18. 18. Higher Education in Wellness Holistic Professionals Developing Their AbilitiesChiva-Som regularly supports our therapists for specialised education at varioustraining centres to develop their knowledge and skills to provide innovative wellnesstreatments and therapies. The Resort sent eight medical and holistic therapists tostudy Nutrition and Herbal Remedies for 18 months at the Australasian College ofNatural Therapies to enhance their personal advisory skills and create individualisedwellness programmes specifically tailored to meet our guests‟ needs.
  19. 19. Life Skills Development Internal Training for Personal GrowthThe Human Resource Development team provides continuing education programsfor life skills development including language training in English, Russian, Japanese,Chinese and Thai, Train the Trainer, guest contact skills, healthy cooking classes,microbiological testing, Thai herbal remedies and holistic therapies, yoga, massageand stretching, computer technology, tax knowledge and financial planningmanagement, driving safety, photography, environmental preservation andsustainable development.
  20. 20. Awards of Excellence Recognising Ongoing Dedication and CommitmentEvery month Chiva-Som holds an Awards of Excellence ceremony to recogniseindividual staff members for their superior service and good team-working efforts.On the same day the Resort hosts a birthday party to celebrate the birthdays of allstaff members whose birthdays take place in that month. Chiva-Som staff formedtheir own house band called the „Om Yim‟ Band that performs at all the parties andoutdoor concerts as well.
  21. 21. New Generations Supporting Our Students‟ SuccessOur student scholarship programme provides tuition assistance for Chiva-Som family members‟ children who have proven themselves to be in highacademic standing, and the Resort hosts an additional party for the staff‟schildren the day after Thai National Children‟s Day.
  22. 22. Symbiotic Development Educating Students for a Sustainable FutureThroughout the year we provide working internships for university students inthe areas of accounting, engineering, finance, food & beverage, housekeeping,human resources, information technology, kitchen, organic farming,purchasing, sales & marketing, spa management and sustainable development.During the internship, the students gain practical hands-on experience foremployment at Chiva-Som or other businesses in the industry.
  23. 23. Support for the Underprivileged Social Welfare through Local OutreachThe Chiva-Som Social Welfare Programme reaches out to the local schoolswith donations of luncheons, staple food and cleaning products, toys, shoes,clothing and other items to help them meet their day-to-day needs.
  24. 24. Community Well-being Empowering Youth for Good Health and LongevityThe Chiva-Som Health Education & Awareness Programme regularly visits localschools to teach the students the importance of leading a health-conscious life.Our fitness trainers lead the groups and introduce them to new physical fitnessexercises and our physiotherapists conduct aerobic dances sessions.
  25. 25. Early Health Education Empowering Youth for Good Health and LongevityThe Chiva-Som culinary artists volunteer to teach students about theimportance of good nutrition and our nursing staff explain the necessity ofdaily personal hygiene and adolescent development. By reaching the studentsat an early age, we aim to instill memorable experiences and the concepts ofhealthy lifestyles for physical development and longevity.
  26. 26. Environmental Awareness Alternative Environmental Training in the ClassroomFor students majoring in hospitality and tourism management, our SustainableDevelopment Coordinator regularly visits universities, conferences and forumsto give presentations on corporate social responsibility, green accommodationmanagement, ecological and carbon footprints, environmental issues andcommunity well-being.
  27. 27. Chiva-Som International Health Resort Head Office: 11th Floor, Modern Town Building Hua Hin Office: 73/4 Petchkasem Road, 87/104 Sukhumvit 63, Bangkok 10110, Thailand Hua Hin, Prachuab Khirikhan 77110, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 2711 6900-12 Fax: +66 (0) 2381 5852 Tel: +66 (0) 3253 6536 Fax: +66 (0) 3251 1154 Email: Email: Proud recipient of: „Best Overseas Health & Wellness Property‟ for 6 consecutive years „Top 10 Best Overseas Resort‟, Luxury Travel Magazine 2012 Gold List„Ranked 2nd - Destination Spa (World)‟ Travel + Leisure India & South Asia‟s Readers‟ Choice-India‟s Best Awards 2012 „Top Ten Best Cooking Classes‟,„Top Ten Best Cuisine‟ and „Top Ten Best Medical Spa‟ SpaFinder Readers Choice Crystal Award 2011 „Ranked 2nd - Destination Spa‟ Conde Nast Traveller Readers Awards 2011 „Top 5 Best Overseas Spa Retreat‟ and „The Worlds Top 25 Spas‟ Conde Nast Traveller Readers‟ Spa Awards 2011 Chiva-Som has consistently ranked in the „Top 5 Best Overseas Destination Spa‟ Conde Nast Traveller Readers Travel Awards every year since 1999