qtm banking money deposit insurance scheme schemes of banking development mutual funds lead banking scheme non banking financial companies modernization of banking industry banking license guidelines need for privatization of banks in india benefits of bank privatization multinational banks guidelines for private sector banks problems and prospects of overseas branches phases of nationalization process in india objectives of bank nationalization problems and constraints of public sector banks achievements of nationalized banks note on non performing assets portfolio management functional classification of banks constituents of banking system in india meaning & definition of bank role of banking sector in economic development absolute version and relative version criticisms mint par theory purchasing power parity theory balance of payment theory determination of exchange rate devaluation disequilibrium in bop balance of payment cause of disequilibrium difference between bop and bot structure of balance of payment wild life protection act migration illicit cutting of trees bearing capacity of the resources sustainable development water treatment air act green belt society illicit killing of wild animals different laws and legislation related to environm industrial waste treatment government and environment water act environmental ethics principle of maximum social advantage public finance chapter 7 specific and ad veloram tax difference between public finance and private fina direct and indirect tax canons of taxation types of tax human population and environment chapter 2 news paper cancer radio human health and population computer internet hiv/aids variations in population growth human population is the greatest pollution television air borne diseases recovery recession expansion business cycle features of trade cycle trade cycle chapter 4 revival depression acceleration principle functioning of investment multiplier the theory of multiplier and acceleration principl the process of income generation through multiplie limitations of multiplier and acceleration. suggestions for the co-operative banks to implemen core banking chapter 4 essential requirements of core banking benefits of core banking advance against documents of title to goods chapte railway receipt warehouse keeper certificate bill of lading dock warrant industrialization urbanization solid waste management acid rain soil pollution air pollution noise pollution water pollution environmental pollution chapter 1 green house effect nuclear hazard disaster management global warming duties of a collecting banker conversion of a cheque collection of cheque chapter 2 statutory protection to collecting banker precautions to be taken by collecting banker banker as a holder for value psychological law of consumption investment function marginal efficiency of capital marginal propensity to consume consumption function and investment function chapt supply creates its own demand say's law of market theory of effective demand theory of income and employment classical theory of employment material alterations s.y.bcom sem 4 payment of cheques chap 1 payment in due course wrongful dishonour of a cheque countermending inflation stagflation stagflation and inflationary gap excess demand inflationary gap wealth approach restatement of quantity theory of money permanent real income hypothesis friedmen keynes transactional approach pigue marshall traditional approach cash balance approach fisher cambridge payee holder in due course drawee drawer acceptor holder promissory note cheque bill of exchange negotiable instruments functions of money reserve bank of india repo rate functions of central bank in india central bank social responsibilities of banks tools eft electronic fund transfer supply of money demand for money rbi central banking monetary policy credit control bank rate national park biodiversity hotspots mega biodiversity importance of biodiversity biodiversity sanctuaries threats associated to biodiversity ecosystem vaghela nayan food web food chain ecological succession energy flow in ecosystem ecological pyramids importance meaning objectives scope natural resources food cultivers minerals water energy land forest
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