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Fs3 episode 6- sarah jane cabilino


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Fs3 episode 6- sarah jane cabilino

  1. 1. FS 3FIELD STUDYEpisode 6 Technology in the Learning Environment SLIDESHOW BIZ ( Slide Presentations)Name of FS Student: Sarah Jane B. CabilinoCourse Bachelor of Elementary Education Year ThirdResource Teacher 1: Mrs. Felicisima N. Morales Signature: Date: 03-07-13Cooperating School: Tanauan North Central SchoolMy Target At the end of this activity, I will be competent in developing and utilizing materials (slide presentations) which involve students in meaningful learning. My Performance (How I will Be Rated) Field Study 3, Episode 6 –Slideshow Biz (Slide Presentations) Focused on: Developing and utilizing materials (slide presentations) which involve students in meaningful learning. Exemplary Superior Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Tasks 4 3 2 1 All tasks were done All or nearly all Nearly all tasks Fewer than with outstanding tasks were done were done with half of tasks quality; work with high quality acceptable quality were done; or Observation/ exceeds most Documentation expectations. objectives met 4 3 2 but with poor quality 1 Analysis question Analysis questions Analysis questions Analysis were answered were answered were not answered questions were completely; in depth completely completely. not answered. answers; thoroughly grounded on Clear connection Vaguely related to Grammar and My Analysis theories with theories the theories spelling Exemplary grammar Unsatisfactory and spelling Grammar and Grammar and spelling are spelling superior. acceptable. 4 3 2 1
  2. 2. Reflection Reflection Reflection Reflection statements are statements are statements are statements are profound and clear, clear, but not Shallow; supported unclear and supported by clearly supported by experiences shallow and experiences from the by experiences from the episode. are notMy Reflection episode. from the episode. supported by experiences from the episode. 4 3 2 1 Portfolio is complete, Portfolio is Portfolio is Portfolio has clear well-organized complete, clear incomplete; many lacking and all supporting well-organized supporting components; is documentation are and most documentation is unorganized located in sections supporting organized but is and unclear. clearly designated documentation lacking.My Portfolio are available and/or in logical and clearly marked locations. 4 3 2 1 Before deadline On the deadline A day after the Two days or deadline more after theSubmission deadline 4 3 2 1Sub Totals Rating :Over-all Score (Based on Transmutation) Mr. RICHARD M. BAÑEZ 03-14-13 Signature of the FS Teacher Date Above Printed NameTransmutation of Score to Grade or RatingScore Grade Score Grade20 1.00 (99) 12 – 13 2.50 (81)18 - 19 1.25 (96) 11 2.75 (78)17 1.50 (93) 10 3.00 (75)16 1.75 (90) 8–9 4.00 (72)15 2.00 (87) 7 5.00 (71 and below)14 2.25 (84)
  3. 3. MY TOOLSTitle of My Presentation: Telling TimeObjectives: At the end of sixty-minute period, the students will be able to: A. Identify the parts of a clock and their functions B. Write the correct time C. Participate actively during the group activities and class discussionSubject Matter/Topic: Mathematics: Telling TimeEnhancements (Check Appropriate Box):Graphics Music HyperlinkAnimation ☐Voice NarrationSound Effects Stylish FontsDescription of Appropriate Use:The slide presentation was being prepared for the grade II students for them to have theknowledge on what clock is, its part and function. It was also been created for them to learnhow to tell time. The font style, font size and the theme of the presentation was being chosenthrough considering its appropriateness to the learners. It was being foresee that the slidepresentation will sustain the students’ interest and attention in acquiring quality learning.Presentation Story Board:Slide 1 Slide2 Slide 3 Slide 4 The first 12 h are Clock written with AM and Parts of a clock It is an instrument the next 12 h are used to indicate time. written with PM. Telling Time How to tell time There are 24 h in 1 It is a device for day. Kinds of a clock measuring and displaying time.Slide 5 Slide 6 Slide 7 Slide 8 Clocks has The short The long hand numbers 1 to 12 called minute How to tell hand called hand, tells the time? evenly spaced around its face. hour hand, minutes. tells the hour.Slide 9 Slide 10 Slide 11 Slide 12 Directions: Draw the clock that shows the following activities: Standard Clock 1. Waking up in the morning 2. Eating breakfast Digital Clock It is the clock that display 3. Going to school numerical hour. The number on 4. Doing assignment It is the clock that used hands the left of the : is hours, and the 5. Sleeping time to show hours and minutes. number on the right is minutes.
  4. 4. MY ANALYSIS1. What are the good features of a slide presentation? Slide presentation should possess varied of good features. First, it should have the theme which is appropriate to the topic and the learners as well. The animated clip arts and graphics that will be including in the presentation should also relate to the topic itself. Design of the presentation should avoid those shows violence. Secondly, the slide should begin with the topic itself. The flow of the presentation should be in sequence on how the teacher will be going to deliver the topic in a way that students will not be confused. Then, the presentation should only highlight those important points of the topics. Furthermore, the presenter should not write too much on the slide to avoid cluttering. And lastly, if possible, the teacher may provide pictures and photographs to let the students picture out the knowledge wanted to be impart.2.Which of these features are present in the slide presentation you made? The stated good features above was tried to comply by the group to at least produce awonderful outcome. Everything in the slide was being utilize to meet the students need tolearn. The information presented, and the theme considered the nature of the students andthe topic.3. Which features are not present in the slide presentation you made? With the sense of unity and cooperation of every each member of the group, everythingwas being abided. All the features were being utilized to produce slide presentation which willhelp students to meet all the expected learning objectives.
  5. 5. MY REFLECTIONS1. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making the slide presentation? How did youovercome them? The group decided to search the theme of the presentation that is accurate andapplicable to the learners as well as the topic. The font style and size was still considering thevisual ability of the learners. The prior knowledge in putting animation and hyperlink to theslide was also being incorporated. In preparing the slide presentation, we found very minimal hardship due to having ourown knowledge and skill in creating it. Our group also reflected with the saying, “ Two headsare better than one.” Upon having our sense of unity and cooperation, everything was beingsettled down.