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Fs 3 episode4 sarah jane cabilino

  1. 1. FS 3FIELD STUDYEpisode 4 Technology in the Learning Environment TOOLS OF THE TRADE (Teaching Aids Bank)Name of FS Student: Sarah Jane B. CabilinoCourse Bachelor of Elementary Education Year ThirdResource Teacher : Mrs. Felicisima N. Morales Signature: Date: 03-07-13Cooperating School: Tanauan North Central School My Target At the end of this activity, I will gain competence in preparing instructional materials that are appropriate to the learning content. My Performance (How I will Be Rated) Field Study 3 Episode 4 – Tools of the Trade Focused on: Preparing instructional materials that are appropriate to the learning content Exemplary Superior Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Tasks 4 3 2 1 All tasks were done All or nearly all Nearly all tasks Fewer than with outstanding tasks were done were done with half of tasks quality; work with high quality acceptable quality were done; or Observation/ exceeds most Documentation expectations. objectives met 4 3 2 but with poor quality 1 Analysis question Analysis questions Analysis questions Analysis were answered were answered were not answered questions were completely; in depth completely completely. not answered. answers; thoroughly grounded on Clear connection Vaguely related to Grammar and My Analysis theories with theories the theories spelling Exemplary grammar Unsatisfactory and spelling Grammar and Grammar and spelling are spelling superior. acceptable. 4 3 2 1
  2. 2. Reflection Reflection Reflection Reflection statements are statements are statements are statements are profound and clear, clear, but not Shallow; supported unclear and supported by clearly supported by experiences shallow and experiences from the by experiences from the episode. are notMy Reflection episode. from the episode. supported by experiences from the episode. 4 3 2 1 Portfolio is complete, Portfolio is Portfolio is Portfolio has clear well-organized complete, clear incomplete; many lacking and all supporting well - organized supporting components; is documentation are and most documentation is unorganized located in sections supporting organized but is and unclear. clearly designated documentation lacking. My Portfolio are available and/or in logical and clearly marked locations. 4 3 2 1 Before deadline On the deadline A day after the Two days or deadline more after the Submission deadline 4 3 2 1 Sub Totals Rating :Over-all Score (Based on Transmutation) Mr. RICHARD M. BAÑEZ March 7, 2013 Signature of the FS Teacher Date Above Printed Name Transmutation of Score to Grade or Rating Score Grade Score Grade 20 1.00 (99) 12 – 13 2.50 (81) 18 – 19 1.25 (96) 11 2.75 (78) 17 1.50 (93) 10 3.00 (75) 16 1.75 (90) 8–9 4.00 (72) 15 2.00 (87) 7 5.00 (71 and below) 14 2.25 (84)
  3. 3. MY ANALYSIS Give at least three benefits of doing a survey of available materials before making your ownmaterials? Explain each. 1. Surveying available materials lead us into having an idea on how those materials are significant to the lesson that we are going to deliver. It gave us knowledge on how those materials are related and useful in our topic. Upon seeing those instructional aids, it give us suggestion on how are we going to deliver the lesson more beneficial and effectively. 2. To be able to have an effective presentation of lesson, the teachers should be knowledgeable to the materials itself. Upon observing and surveying, we become aware and able to use the materials. With the knowledge and skill, the way on how we will deliver the topic will be more accurate and precise. The understanding of the procedures and guidelines in using the material will make the educative process be accessible. The awareness on the usage of materials will lead the teacher into more effective facilitator of learning. 3. Aside from that, it gave us thought on what type of materials will motivate the students’ interest. It makes us conscious on what type of instructional materials will be applicable in specific grade level of students. It gave us knowledge on what kind of materials will be effective and necessary to the topic, as well as the learners. Good characteristics of the teaching aid also perceived by us and in that way, more precise and correct usage of the instructional materials will be applied.
  4. 4. MY REFLECTIONS1. Which of the materials did you like making the most? Why? The teaching material which I think would be the most conducive to use is the LCD projector within the prepared power point presentation. Having it in the school is being useful aid in teaching- learning process. It is chosen by me because it is less expensive yet a wonderful presentation could also be created.2. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making the materials? How did you overcome them? In deciding the materials to be used, we prepared to have a drill and practice software which is relevant to our topic. We foresee that it will greatly help to provide our students with quality learning. Yet, it is not that easy to download the software itself. On the other hand, preparing the slide presentation, we encountered very minimal hardship due to having our own background and prior knowledge in creating it. In accomplishing our visual aid, we found difficulty in deciding the appropriateness of the design due to having our own ideas and decision. Still, with the cooperation and unity of the group, everything was being settled.3. What tips can you give teachers regarding preparation of teaching materials? In preparing the material needed, in teaching, teachers should consider the topic itself, the learners and of course the availability of learning materials. It will be easy to present a lesson if materials are already provided at the school and accessible. If it is visual aids, the font color and sizes should be appropriate to the visual ability of the students. On the other hand, providing PowerPoint presentation will also be accurate because it somehow arouses students’ interest and attention. However, the graphics and theme of the slide presentation should also be applicable to the age of the students. The instructional skill possess by the teachers, however will definitely sum up the appropriateness of the instructional materials to be presented at the class. In preparing the material, it is not a requisite to be too much expensive. The teacher should also acquire the attitude of being resourceful. It will be possible if the teacher have their own creativity on how to make their materials in a way that still, it cope the students’ attention and make them participate in teaching-learning process. What important is, the teaching aid to be provided will not just serve as decoration nor profs of the teacher, instead, it will help students develop their learning in a maximum possible way.
  5. 5. MY PORTFOLIO Learning Resources on a Specific Content Area Use this graphic organizer to present the learning resources relevant to the topic chosen.On the line inside the box, indicate if the resource is already AVAILABLE, MAY BE PURCHASED, ORWILL BE MADE (by you, of course!)TOPIC: Telling Time Grade/year level: Grade II MAY BE PURCHASED AVAILABLE AVAILABLE Removable Standard Standard Clock and Clock LCD projector Digital clock MAY BE PURCHASED WILL BE MADE Mathematics II Drill and practice Visual Aids and other software about how to Specific Instructional materials tell time Content Area MAY BE PURCHASED WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE Video about the clock Powerpoint Chalk and blackboard Presentation/ slide and its part presentation