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Fs 3 episode3

  1. 1. FS 3FIELD STUDY Episode 3 Technology in the Learning Environment SEE AND SAY (Utilization of Teaching Aids) Name of FS Student: Sarah Jane B. Cabilino Course Bachelor of Elementary Education Year Third Resource Teacher 1: Mrs. Elenita V. Dizon Signature: Date: 03-01-13 Cooperating School: Tanauan North Central School My Target At the end of this activity, you will gain competence in determining theappropriateness of teaching aids to learning tasks. My Performance (How I will Be Rated) Field Study 3 Episode 3- See and Say (Utilization of Teaching Aids) Focused on: The appropriateness of teaching aids to learning tasks. Exemplary Superior Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Tasks 4 3 2 1 All tasks were done All or nearly all Nearly all tasks Fewer than with outstanding tasks were done were done with half of tasks quality; work with high quality acceptable quality were done; or Observation/ exceeds most Documentation expectations. objectives met 4 3 2 but with poor quality 1 Analysis question Analysis questions Analysis questions Analysis were answered were answered were not answered questions were completely; in depth completely completely. not answered. answers; thoroughly grounded on Clear connection Vaguely related to Grammar and My Analysis theories with theories the theories spelling Exemplary grammar Unsatisfactory and spelling Grammar and Grammar and spelling are spelling superior. acceptable. 4 3 2 1 My Reflection
  2. 2. Reflection Reflection Reflection Reflection statements are statements are statements are statements are profound and clear, clear, but not Shallow; supported unclear and supported by clearly supported by experiences shallow and experiences from the by experiences from the episode. are not episode. from the episode. supported by experiences from the episode. 4 3 2 1 Portfolio is complete, Portfolio is Portfolio is Portfolio has clear well-organized complete, clear incomplete; many lacking and all supporting well-organized supporting components; is documentation are and most documentation is unorganized located in sections supporting organized but is and unclear. clearly designated documentation lacking. My Portfolio are available and/or in logical and clearly marked locations. 4 3 2 1 Before deadline On the deadline A day after the Two days or deadline more after the Submission deadline 4 3 2 1 Sub Totals Rating :Over-all Score (Based on Transmutation) Mr. RICHARD M. BAÑEZ March 01, 2013 Signature of the FS Teacher Date Above Printed Name Transmutation of Score to Grade or Rating Score Grade Score Grade 20 1.00 (99) 12 – 13 2.50 (81) 18 - 19 1.25 (96) 11 2.75 (78) 17 1.50 (93) 10 3.00 (75) 16 1.75 (90) 8–9 4.00 (72) 15 2.00 (87) 7 5.00 (71 and below) 14 2.25 (84)
  3. 3. MY ANALYSIS UTILIZATION OF TEACHING AIDS FORMGrade or Year of Class Observed: Grade V- ADate of Observation: February 15-17, 2013Subject Matter: “Water Cycle” Science and Health VBrief Description of Teaching Approach Used by the Teacher:Mrs. Dizon taught the lesson in a constructivist way because she lets the students to activelyinvolve into the discussion. She used both traditional and electronic instructional materials throughbelieving that it is the best medium in acquiring learning. She utilized learning by doing anddynamic presentation of lesson. Though the preparation of the materials is just a day before thepresentation of lesson, the outcome of the strategies used is still excellent and awesome. Comments onTeaching Aids used Strengths Weaknesses Appropriateness of the Teaching Aids used Chalk and board easy to access and not much arouse the It still important aid already provided at interest of the students because there are the classroom maybe because that’s part of the discussion the usual materials that students need to used write their own ideas at board and that is the most inexpensive materials that can be used in teaching. Pictures of water cope attention of the the size of the picture The illustration of water cycle students by arousing is not that suitable for cycle really played their curiosity big classes great role in teaching the topic. The picture guides the students’ curiosity and imagination on how the cycle goes. Video clips about stimulate the interest too expensive and not It is relying suitable in the process of of the students that accessible the discussion water cycle because as the students saw the video, they will be
  4. 4. able to familiarize themselves on how the process goes. Much of the retention is being attained by the students rather than just hearing the concept from the teacher.Nursery music makes the class could lessen the focus Nursery music sustainsabout the activities lively and to the topic and just the interest andprocesses in water enthusiasm being enjoyed eagerness of thecycle listening to the song students to learn more about the topic. It should always be connected with the lesson itself.Cut paper puzzle let the students think time consuming It provides theof pictures of logically and critically application of thewater cycle lesson as on how they learned and complete the puzzle.Visual aids serves as printed sometimes makes the It provides the student message of the lesson student felt bored and printed important seldom especially information needed by when they are not them to perceive. attractive with the material
  5. 5. My Analysis1. What do you think prompted the teacher to choose the materials/learning resources that he/she used? I think the teacher encouraged to use both traditional and modern technology instructional materials was that she generalized its nature and importance of both materials. Traditional instructional materials, which are the chalk-and-board method and the visual aid, were used to give the information needed by the students. It still plays an important role in teaching and learning process because it is the common and most available materials that can be found in every classroom. On the other hand, she utilized modern technology instructional materials because she expected that it sustain the children’s interest and motivates them to learn. Aside from that, integrating technology in the discussion made the class interactive, lively and enthusiasm.2. What difficulties, if any, did the teacher experience? How can this be managed? She experienced hardship in operating the dvd player to play video clips about water cycle which was her motivation. And to accomplish everything, she searched for help from her intern-student. Overall, everything was fixed and the outcome of the presentation was a job-well done. During presentation of values integration of the lesson, she provided jumbled word which will come up with the values, “We are thirsty, I give you water because you care and love me”. And she found difficulty in providing complete words and to sustain what is missing, she wrote it down immediately on a piece of paper then instructed students to complete the values being assimilated.3. Over – all, were the learning resources/materials used effectively? Why? Why not? As the discussion was done, I concluded and generalized that both learning instructional materials, the traditional and modern one, were used effectively because it both sustained and supplied the necessary information and experiences needed by the students to understand how the cycle goes. In addition to that, the discussion let the students learn-by-seeing and be an active learners rather than being passive. In the assessment of their learning, it is proven that their proficiency in that lesson was very high.
  6. 6. My Reflection1. Put yourself in the place of the teacher. What would you do similarly and what would you do differently if you teach the same lesson to the same group of students? Why? How Mrs. Dizon presented the lesson was already been excellent for me. In my future teaching, I will also integrate technology in my discussion. With the same topic to be teach, I will do similar to her way of presenting a movie clips to motivate the students interest in the new topic. Furthermore, it will give students an idea on the new topic presented by the teacher. There will be similarity on us in providing lots and varied of group activities which still considered the students; differences and multiple intelligences. Like her, values integration will also be highlighted in my future teaching in such a way that students will not just understand the topic but will also appreciate the essence and importance of the topic in their lives. During the assessment, the proficiency level of the students was hundred percent. Maybe, there will be minimal difference in my examination for evaluation. Instead of focusing on their knowledge skills, it will be better to, if possible to used the comprehension and analysis in the given examination. This may probably determine their deeper understanding about the topic itself. In general, the instructional materials, the group activities provided and her way of delivering the lesson really engaged students to actively participate in the discussion.
  7. 7. My Portfolio Include here pictures/illustration of the materials used by the teacher. Put yourcomments/annotations about what you observed. Television and dvd player was used to Illustration of water cycle was being used present movie clips which is related to by the teacher to show the students how their topics. It served as a useful aid in the cycle goes. It helps a lot for the arousing the interest of the students and students to understand the lesson, stepping stone to open new lessons in to though, the illustration is not that the discussion. applicable for big classes. Most probably, she used the common and most accessible materials which are the chalk and board. Important information was being broadened using this material.
  8. 8. She used MP3 music which made the selection of group mates be lively and enthusiasm. It sustained students’ interest and besides, it stillThe visual aid used was with proper connected with the topic itself.visible for the class and appropriatecolor of the materials were used. Thesequence of the cycle was beingpresented through this material.