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Everything you need to know about Google+ for law firms.

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Google +

  1. 1. Google +By Samantha Collier
  2. 2. Do I really need to open another Social MediaAccount…
  3. 3. What’s the big deal?
  4. 4. • Google controls 80% of search traffic• Google incorporates their +1 buttons in their search results and also determine search results based on Google + usageIt’s all about the SEARCH!!
  5. 5. Accumulated over 40 Launched Business Pages Launched in June 2011 million users in 2 months in November 2011 (1/3 of LinkedIn)History
  6. 6. • Choose an accessible Gmail account that is available to multiple people (not personal)• Create page with desired account by visiting• Pick appropriate business category• Add tagline, logo (keep it short)• Google will prompt you to promote your page but you must optimize your profile first by: regularly sharing fresh content, respond to your fans, etc.How to set up an account
  7. 7. • Similar to Video Conferences• Features include: screensharing,• Up to 10 participants• Whomever is talking gets showcased in the conference call while the others are shown in a row along the bottom of the screenHangouts
  8. 8. • You can set up pages for your business similar to Facebook pages• A great way to get your brand in front of general Google searchers• Similar to personal profiles except you can’t put people in your Google Page circles until they first connect with your business page.Pages
  9. 9. • Use Circles to Segment Your Messages• Google+ built on idea that different groups of people prefer different content.• People can belong to more than one circle.• Start your circles early on: lawyers, marketers, clients, leads, etc.• Consider starting a topic circle. Post it and ask if others want to join.• When you add someone to a circle you can mutually share, chat with them (if they add you too), and they’ll appear on your public profile• They will know you added them but can’t see the name of your circleCircles
  10. 10. • These buttons appear in search results and can be embedded on other sites as well (blog, website, etc.)• The +1 count that is displayed on each button is based on the address of the page where it sits. This is important as it may influence how you design your website.• Websites using Google’s +1 button get 3.5x the Google+ visits• To get the best results you must add sharing buttons to your sites – very important!• A powerful feature is you can see that certain results are extremely popular in search and this will influence click- throughsThe +1 button
  11. 11. How to Optimize yourProfile
  12. 12. • Share lots of photos. Think about your business visually. Which images can you share to ignite conversations? Google+ is built for this.Pictures
  13. 13. • Under the About tab of your Google+ Page, you can add recommended links. Add links to articles, blog posts, your new book… Add Recommended Links
  14. 14. • To gain value with Google +, you must build your community with your content. In order to get people to add your Google+ page you must promote it in places where you are already getting traffic. Think cross- promotion!Promote your Google + onyour blog / website
  15. 15. • Sharing is caring. When you post a message or photo ask your connections to share your content.Encourage people toshare your posts
  16. 16. • Is Google+ working for your business? You’ll have to check your Analytics for referral sources of traffic.Analyize
  17. 17. Remember that even thought Google+ has alow membership compared to Facebook, it’sstill young - it has a HUGE tie toinfluencing search results.Final Thoughts
  18. 18. Samantha Collier supports lawyers, law firms and legal industry consultants in their social media marketing efforts. Her blog, Social Media for Law Firms, was a finalist for the 2010 Canadian Law Blog Awards in the Practice Management Section and she was recently recognized as one of the "The 24: Canadas Top Legal Social Media Influencers" fromThe Counsel Network.Questions?