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13 Non-Obvious Content Promotion Tricks


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From ContentJam 2015, this presentation covers some easy low-hanging tricks to help promote your content to a wider audience effectively.

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13 Non-Obvious Content Promotion Tricks

  1. 1. Non-Obvious Content Promotion Tricks James Ellis @TheWarForTalent 13
  2. 2. Strategy The recipe for promotion is: •  20% Compelling Message •  15% Timing •  15% Targeting •  50% Packaging 00
  3. 3. Heading text Half of promotion is packaging @thewarfortalent #contentjam TweetIt!
  4. 4. Own, Don’t Rent Unlike social media, your email list is the only thing you can own. Everything you do should lead to getting an email address. Once you have that, it’s a matter of time. 01
  5. 5. The Facebook Situation
  6. 6. Images Videos Email SEO / Google Social Media Text Email Sales Ebook Second chances
  7. 7. Heading text Don’t build your promotion on rented property! @thewarfortalent #contentjam TweetIt!
  8. 8. Twitter A tweet is like a commercial. You have to repeat them over and over again. This is also a great way to A/B test your message. 02
  9. 9. Heading text Don’t ever tweet just once. If you schedule one, schedule ten! @thewarfortalent #contentjam TweetIt!
  10. 10. Record It: Video No one ever said, “I’m waiting for the book”03
  11. 11. Record It: Audio Podcasts are growing like crazy. 04
  12. 12. Syndicate It LinkedIn Medium FaceBook Tumblr Pinterest 05
  13. 13. Heading text Published it once? You’re not done. Syndicate it. @thewarfortalent #contentjam TweetIt!
  14. 14. Ego Bait I’m the most important person in my friends list. And you are, too.06
  15. 15. Images Images get shared. Don’t forget to add them to Instagram with hashtag! 07
  16. 16. Aggregate Listly Storify08
  17. 17. Heading text Want people to take your ideas? Make them easy to carry. @thewarfortalent #contentjam TweetIt!
  18. 18. The Big G SEO? Is that still a thing? 09
  19. 19. The Big G What is the one question you want people to ask before reaching out to you? If you aren’t ranking for that exact question, you’re not trying. 09
  20. 20. Find People Followerwonk! But don’t be a jerk about it. Make friends, have a conversation and be helpful before you ever ask for anything. 10
  21. 21. SumoMe! Email list-building Content sharing Social sharing Tracking FREE!!! 11
  22. 22. Ebook Collect everything you have on a problem and make it tied perfectly to that problem. Then let people ask for it (they’ll have to give you their email address) 12
  23. 23. Pay For It Target, target, target. It forces you to think in very specific audiences, which means your content will be more specific and meaningful to them. 13
  24. 24. Heading text If you are paying to target more than 1k FB users, you aren’t being specific enough! @thewarfortalent #contentjam TweetIt!
  25. 25. Heading text There is no magic bullet, just lots of regular ones @thewarfortalent #contentjam TweetIt!
  26. 26. James Ellis Director of Inbound Marketing TMP Worldwide @theWarForTalent The Content Ham