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Getting started on social media for small nonprofits


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Presented to a gathering of small nonprofits at The Family Centre in Kitchener. This presentation starts with the fundamentals of social media that distinguish it from other communication options and are necessary to understand for success on any platform. The second half looks at considerations for which social media to use including a review of what to consider for specific options.

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Getting started on social media for small nonprofits

  1. 1. Getting started on social media for small nonprofits James Howe @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  2. 2. What brings you here today?
  3. 3. Do you? • wear many hats • have a limited budget • keep getting asked to do more with less You must work for a small nonprofit… and social media can help you
  4. 4. James Howe @communic8nhowe
  5. 5. AGENDA A. 10 fundamentals of social media B. Deciding where to start @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  6. 6. 10 fundamentals of social media
  7. 7. Social media is not just to wish friends happy birthday. It is a place of business—your career depends on it. Columbia Professor Sree Sreenivasan @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  8. 8. Your personal use informs your professional use #1 @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  9. 9. Be online who you are in real lifeBut remember: Do you want your mother to see it in the news? #2 @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  10. 10. Social media is about building relationships #3 @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  11. 11. Social media is about building community #4 @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  12. 12. Social media is a behaviour #5 @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  13. 13. There’s a difference between having an account & using it #6 @communic8nhowe #socbizWR
  14. 14. There are no quick wins. It’s all about the long game. #7 @communic8nhowe #socbizWR
  15. 15. Where do I find the time? #8 @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  16. 16. Good content adds value #9 @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  17. 17. Be generous: Share. Reply. Comment. #10 @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  18. 18. Deciding where to start?
  19. 19. Pick 1 or 2 social media @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  20. 20. Who do you want to talk to? Where are they? ASK THEM! @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  21. 21. Which social media fits best with your organization— culture, strategy & objectives Which social media do you or other staff know best? @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  22. 22. Blogging @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  23. 23. Why a blog? • Demonstrate your expertise & knowledge • Spark discussion and build relationships • Give people a reason to return to your website by keeping it current. • Helps improve your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  24. 24. What goes on a blog? • Present new information or your thoughts on new developments • Follow participants in a program or using a product • Updates on ongoing projects • Promote events @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  25. 25. How often should I blog? • At least once a week recommended • When you have something to say • Don’t ignore! @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  26. 26. Different ways to be on Facebook • Page • Personal profiles • Groups • Business account
  27. 27. Newsfeed
  28. 28. Page
  29. 29. PROS • Lots of eyeballs • Can build engagement • Light questions can spark discussions • Great for pictures and videos CONS • Takes time & effort to master the secret sauce • Constantly changing • Teens moving away from it @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  30. 30. Advertising on Facebook A great way to introduce people to your page & build a critical mass needed for engagement • Pay only for clicks • Targeted • Control length of campaign • Control costs @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  31. 31. Using your Facebook page • Write in a conversational style • Have a personality • Have one person responsible: • Post something at least once a day • Have “rules of use” • Be prepared for criticism & crisis @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  32. 32. Use Insights to decide how to use your page @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  33. 33. Twitter Feed @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  34. 34. Twitter Page @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  35. 35. PROS • Greatest relationship building tool that exists • Great to share & learn information • Greater the investment, the greater the benefits CONS • Best to be on multiple times daily • Moves quickly • Primarily text based • Takes time to understand how it works and see benefits @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  36. 36. Who do I follow? 1. Start with people you know 2. Look at who is following you 3. Lists of “Following” and “Followers” @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  37. 37. How do I get followers?Grow them slowly overtime. You’ll gain them if you: • Be yourself. • Keep value in mind when you tweet. • Follow people. • Tweet regularly @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  38. 38. What do I say? • Answer: What are you thinking? • Share a link to something interesting you found online • Share information that you find in print or as you live your life. @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  39. 39. How often do I need to be on? Take 10 – 15 minutes daily at a regular time to: 1. Post at least one tweet each day. 2. Retweet something that someone else has shared that your followers may find interesting. 3. Reply to what someone else posted. @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  40. 40. WHY? Professional Development & Networking @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  41. 41. Why a company page? • A platform to present your company to LinkedIn’s large professional audience • Used to learn more about your company • Tabs: Overview / Jobs / Products & Services • Analytics of visits/visitors @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  42. 42. @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  43. 43. Video
  44. 44. @communic8nhowe #FamCentre
  45. 45. Where can you learn more? James Howe @communic8nhowe 519-589-9597