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Social Media for Business


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Take away best practices for leveraging social media for business, learn from real case studies and find out how to incorporate social media into direct response programs.

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Social Media for Business

  1. 1. The Convergence of Direct Response and Social Media
  2. 2. The Convergence of Direct Response and Social Media Sallie Burnett, President, Customer Insight Group Inc, Moderator Robin Seidner, VP of Marketing, Kutenda Angela Brohman, Director Agency Channel, Silverpop Troy Lerner, General Manager, Booyah Online Advertising
  3. 3. The Convergence of Direct Response and Social Media SOCIAL MEDIA BEST PRACTICES
  4. 4. Social Media Best Practices  #1: Don’t just “Do it.” Think strategy. Would you ever just send out a direct response email or direct mail piece without a strategy?
  5. 5. Social Media Best Practices  #2: Get away from the campaign mentality  Campaigns are an advertising concept  Social media has no “end,” just peaks and valleys
  6. 6. Social Media Best Practices  #3: Start by listening – use metrics  ID where the conversation happens  Discover what people are saying: category, you, competitors  Volume: what causes volume changes (spikes, lulls)  What’s the quality of comments of you vs. competitors  Negative isn’t necessarily bad
  7. 7. Social Media Best Practices  #4: Don’t think you can control it. Be okay with that.
  8. 8. Social Media Best Practices  #5: Integrate social media across your business Be strategic  Understand how different pieces of your organization can take  part  PR: monitoring, listening  Marketing and media buying: viral growth  Customer support: direct customer engagement  Product development: learn from the people who really care about your products Work together to plan your approach 
  9. 9. Social Media Best Practices  Today’s best practices will be different in 6-12 months More users mean new problems  The “big win” isn’t quite so easy  The next “game-changer” isn’t known 
  10. 10. The Convergence of Direct Response and Social Media EMAIL GOES SOCIAL
  11. 11. Social email is the new viral
  12. 12. Make your messages Shareworthy • Be a trusted source. • Know what motivates your customers. • Keep the message simple. • Make sharing options visible and easy. • State the value. • Produce timely and relevant content.
  13. 13. Results  Over 800 recipients shared the email offer resulting in an estimated 80,000 additional impressions (8% list growth)  45% shared on Facebook  44% shared on digg  11% shared on MySpace  17% of recipients who posted had at least one open of the post  Some posts had up to 10 opens  33% people who ‘opened’ a post then clicked through to offer 3x CTR of their standard emails 
  14. 14. What B2C emails are Shareworthy?  New season / product  Great offers  Sale Notifications announcements
  15. 15. What B2B emails are Shareworthy?  Relevant  Event /Webinar  News / Press Releases Articles Notifications
  16. 16. Getting started with social email  Focus on ‘Shareworthiness’  Make it easy to share  Monitor social ‘buzz’ (and engage)  Identify and reward your influencers  Test everything and don’t be afraid to fail
  17. 17. The Convergence of Direct Response and Social Media Putting the Media in Social Media
  18. 18. Facebook image ads Text Ads (Facebook uses MSN, MySpace uses Google) Banner Ads
  19. 19. The way they sell it •In bundles of 1000 impressions. (CPM) •By the click (CPC) You can target by age, gender, location and interests. •On a modest budget, FB image ads make for an interesting test. •“free” to build. Cheap to buy. •Helps if you can track with Atlas The way you should buy it: • ….very carefully. •With budgets of $20k+, you can try banners. •Retargeting is a consistently successful strategy. •Buy enough volume to negotiate the CPM below a buck ($200K+)
  20. 20. Write new ads for Social Networks. ….your ad is an interruption, not a response to a search query. Catch them with an image
  21. 21. Real Data for a Colorado advertiser spending $1M+ on Social Media
  22. 22. Conclusion  Paid advertising in Social Networks deserves a look.  …if for no other reason than it is cheap, trackable, and allows for a lot of tinkering.
  23. 23. The Convergence of Direct Response and Social Media Sallie
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