Jisc RSC Eastern E-Portfolio NOV 2006 'Managed assessment System' Presentation


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Managed assessment System

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  • A born again lecturer with time to reflect and write about the events that take place in the classroom
  • The advert, it does what it says on the tin. Moodle is such a large piece of software, and it is open source, so it has the ingredients to be re-labelled and answer a particular need. Anyone with Moodle has the wherewithal to start using an e-portfolio as from 4.00 PM this afternoon. As you start to use Moodle in this way you will gaining experience with staff that will stand you in good stead for the future, when e-portfolios arrive BIG TIME.
  • Jisc RSC Eastern E-Portfolio NOV 2006 'Managed assessment System' Presentation

    1. 1. e-Portfolio Alan Cossins
    2. 2. e-Portfolio Re-labelling the tin
    3. 3. Who owns the e-portfolio? Company owns the software College pays the licence Student creates the evidence – But College no longer subscribes – Student no longer at the College Open source solution
    4. 4. e-Portfolio To infinity and beyond
    5. 5. Present Thoughts Can e-portfolios be used to widen participation in HE? Maybe, as long as we understand what the term means. Is an e-portfolio simply a repository of ematerial presented for assessment? – AMS (Assessment Management System) – ILP or PLP – Reflective element
    6. 6. Present Thoughts Is there a use for e-portfolios on Level 4 courses? Yes as long as we do not have a restricted view of what makes up an eportfolio.
    7. 7. Present thoughts To introduce the use of e-portfolios as part of a college development to evaluate them as a tool to encourage wider participation in HE. Too ambitious at the moment HE are not ready, students are not ready, Colleges are not ready The key is staff development
    8. 8. Present thoughts To use e-portfolios on at least one module of a Level 4 course to gather evidence of assessment. Used on three level 4 courses
    9. 9. Present Thoughts  To widen the appeal of e-portfolios in more curriculum areas. Done it.  To widen the use of e-portfolios beyond the capture of evidence. Done it.  To extend our use of e-portfolios to aid progression from Level 3 to Level 4. Too early.  To increase accessibility of IT to aid the development of e-portfolio usage. Too early.
    10. 10. Present Thoughts How far does an e-portfolio web site and an intranet satisfy the e-learning needs of the organisation? What benefits come from a VLE? How far does a VLE (in an adapted form) meet the organisational need for an eportfolio?
    11. 11. Current suppliers of e-portfolios