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Process Of Double Page Spread - Image


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Published in: Education
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Process Of Double Page Spread - Image

  1. 2. IMAGE 1 This is one of the images I chose to use for my Double Page Spread. I used the Magnetic Lasso Tool to crop around my artist, so that I could just have her on the page, and not the background, as its not needed.
  2. 3. IMAGE 1 I then manipulated the image by adjusting the levels of the picture, alongside the brightness and contrast, until I thought it looked effective, yet natural.
  3. 4. IMAGE 2 This is the second image I chose to use for my Double Page Spread. Opposite it shows after I cropped the picture out, via the use of the Magnetic Lasso Tool.
  4. 5. IMAGE 2 Similarly, I adjusted the levels of the image, just like the other picture. However, I decided to have a stronger effect on this image than the others presented in the magazine, as I was going to change the opacity of this one on the actual page.
  5. 6. IMAGE 2 It now shows the images once they had been inserted onto the Double Page Spread. As you can see, my second image is behind the text, and the opacity is less than the other one, yet, it still stands out due the strong effect it has,