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Process Of Contents Page - Image

  1. 2. IMAGE 1 Opposite it shows my original image for the contents page. Seeing as I didn’t need the background of the image, I used the Magnetic Lasso Tool in order to crop around my model, which would then just leave me of her, ready for me to manipulate later on.
  2. 3. IMAGE 1 Once I cropped the background, I created a new layer, and pasted the image onto that. Seeing as the cutting wasn’t neat enough, I used the Eraser Tool to fix the edges of the image, which would make it look neater, leaving a smooth effect overall.
  3. 4. IMAGE 1 It now shows the image after I used the Eraser Tool to neaten the edges. I then wanted to manipulate the image by adjusting the brightness etc. in order to do this, I clicked on Image at the top, and then went into Adjustments , and finally, into Levels, which allowed me to experiment with the different levels of colour present within the image.
  4. 5. IMAGE 1 After I added in an effect to the image, I noticed that my model had a blue strap showing, doesn’t go with the rest of the outfit. To change this, I used the Magnetic Lasso Tool to select the strap, so that I could then change the colour.
  5. 6. IMAGE 1 It now shows that I used Hue/Saturation to adjust the colour, changing it to black, so that it matches with the rest of the outfit.
  6. 7. IMAGE 1 Once I had manipulated the image completely, I inserted it onto the actual Contents Page. I then saw that it didn’t exactly fit in well, as it didn’t look professional. You could clearly tell that I cropped the image, and just placed it randomly onto the page. I then decided to use another image instead of this one.
  7. 9. IMAGE 2 This is the second image that I decided to use for the Contents Page. Again, I used the Magnetic Lasso Tool to crop around the model, which would exclude the background.
  8. 10. IMAGE 2 Just like the other image, I had to change the blue strap into black, and I used the same method as before to do this. I selected the strap, and changed the colour to black using Hue/Saturation.
  9. 11. IMAGE 2 I then had to manipulate this image, just like I did with the first one. I changed the levels of the image. However, I also used Colour Balance for this image, which I didn’t use for the previous one. This allowed me to add more effects to the image.
  10. 12. IMAGE 2 It now shows the final version of my image, which has been placed onto the Contents Page. I also added in a shadow to the image, which makes it look more effective. Evidently, this image goes better with the Contents Page than the last one. This is also my final version of the Contents Page.