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Ch 1 Sec 2 "The History of Israel"


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Ch 1 Sec 2 "The History of Israel"

  1. 1. The History of Israel
  2. 2. Abraham • A descendant of Shem • Practiced Polytheism • What is Polytheism? The belief that there are many gods • Became a believer after Jehovah appeared to him when he was 75 years old
  3. 3. Abraham’s Descendants The 12 sons became the 12 tribes of Israel God changed Jacob’s name to Israel Abraham Isaac Esau Jacob 12 sons
  4. 4. God’s Covenant with Abraham 1. Abraham would have descendants who would become a great nation 2. This nation would possess the land of Canaan 3. Abraham’s seed would bring a blessing to all the nations of the earth 4. Called the Abrahamic Covenant
  5. 5. God’s Covenant with the People of Israel • Moses was sent to deliver God’s people out of slavery and into Canaan • Led them to Mount Sinai first • If they promised to obey all of God’s rules, he would make them his own special nation. • Called the Mosiac Covenant
  6. 6. Mosiac Covenant • Contained the Ten Commandments • God demanded monotheism • What is monotheism? The belief in one God
  7. 7. Israel’s Kingdom • They disobeyed the covenant • They were scared to enter Canaan and so refused • God punished them for 40 years of wandering in the wilderness • They went back to polytheism
  8. 8. God’s covenant with David • David was the grandson on Jacob • He was Israel’s greatest king
  9. 9. • God promised him that his dynasty would last forever • Referring to a particular descendant who would be great and rule over the entire world • known as the Messiah • This is called the Davidic Covenant
  10. 10. The New Covenant • God’s promise to put his rules in the hearts of His people so that they would want to obey • Promised to forgive the sins of His people