Playing with photoshop


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Playing with photoshop

  1. 1. Photography Playing With Photoshop Jan Paolo Legaspi
  2. 2. Adjusting the Brightness! Adjusting the brightness allows you to adjust the brightness of the whole picture. This is allows for a complete brightness adjustment to the whole photo. This can simply be done by clicking the images tab, then Adjustments, then Brightness/Contrast. The brightness shows a more contented effect instead of having a dimmer one. When an image is brightened, it becomes more vivid, some details though, will not show up as well as they would when a photo is brightened. <------------------DA ORIGINAL!! DA EDITED!!------------------>
  3. 3. Adjusting the Contrast! With adjusting the contrast, the main focus is to show more of the detail and make them stand out more. This makes the photo much more dense, showing a sharper version of the original photo. It may alter the shade of the colour to make it darker so it becomes much more detailed. Achieving this follows the same step as the brightness. The version of the Photoshop I used, both contrast and brightness are put into the same tab. Some versions may have the same, others might separate them.
  4. 4. Saturation!! PINK IS PUNK!! Anyways, this photo shows the hue/saturation adjustments. When Saturating, you are literally making the image more bolder so it stands out more, adjusting the Hue will adjust its colour like the photo on the left shows. This technique is also under the Adjustments tab. If the quick select is used to select a certain area, only that area will be affected by the adjustment.
  5. 5. BURNING!! Find the Star ^_^ This is adjusting the brightness yet again, but this time, instead of making the image much brighter, it is making it darker. Notice how the photo on the, the shirt (MJ’s shirt to be exact) is much brighter than the one on the bottom right. This is burning. It allows parts of the photo to be darkened. Using the quick selection tool, the burning tool can avoid making mistakes by darkening unwanted areas.
  6. 6. DODGING!! Say hello to the bird people again!! Dodging is another way of adjusting brightness. This time, it makes the image become much brighter than before (and also more vivid as well). These two photos are the exact same image, the left image is unedited to show its original. The image at the bottom right has a certain part of the floor adjusted to make it much brighter.
  7. 7. WARNING DO NOT OVER USE DODGING AND BURNING IS DANGEROUS! Dodging and burning should be used very carefully. These tools can literally ‘damage’ your photos. ‘ How exactly?’ Well that is simple. Using the dodge or the burn tool, you adjust the brightness of the area of a photo in order to achieve a good photo, but overusing such a tool will make the area either too day or too bright that it cannot be seen very well. When using this, make sure that you hold the left click instead of doing a click by click method to avoid having imbalanced brightness. If this does occur, you will notice that a certain area will be brighter or darker than the rest of the area you adjusted the brightness to.
  8. 8. FILTERZ!! (Its Filters, I just like Z) FILTERZ FTW!! Filters allow images to be altered so that their appearance becomes different to the original. Filters have different effects, from tiles to paint brush effect. Using the quick selection tool, I can choose whichever area to filter and which areas I want to keep either the same, or have different filter effect.