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Avoid Social Media and Electronic Meltdowns


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Learn how to avoid social media and electronic meltdowns. This lightning talk was originally presented at the 10th Anniversary of LavaCon Conference on Content Strategies and Digital Media

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Avoid Social Media and Electronic Meltdowns

  1. 1. Avoid Social Media and Electronic Meltdowns Roger Renteria Twitter: @RogerRenteria
  2. 2. About Roger Renteria • From Albuquerque, NM • Ask me about social & digital media, education, website management, computer gadgets, • B.S. Technical Communication, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
  3. 3. Key Learning Objectives• Learn how to minimize data loss• Understand, you have suffered or will suffer one day• Keep yourself safe!• Manage to minimize damage
  4. 4. Practice Safe Activity (IT 101)• Lock your workstation• Log out of your accounts• Invent smart passwords• Monitor your online activity• Password recovery
  5. 5. Dead in the water
  6. 6. Back your data up often• Use the cloud• Embrace the cloud• Praise to the cloud???• Just keep it safe
  7. 7. Don’t worry…
  8. 8. “Don’t Tweet That”• Accidental Tweets• Unprofessional comments• Can turn into a firestorm
  9. 9. Social Media Gone Wild
  10. 10. Separate User Environments
  11. 11. Dude, you got hacked Flickr: sunny1ee
  12. 12. Be Vigilant
  13. 13. Keep Reactions Cool• Address criticism eloquently• Don’t ignore it…• Acknowledge the mistake• Carry on with another topic Flickr: pittaya
  14. 14. Recap• Set up a backup service• Separate your password recovery• Keep an eye out for suspicious activity• Be glad that your stuff is backed up
  15. 15. Examples of Meltdowns• Mat Honan, Wired Magazine writer who was hacked• [Not Safe For Work] Newsroom reporter who accidentally tweeted topless photo [NSFW]:•[nsfw]• Airplane Passenger arrested due to Facebook photograph hoax• Facebook party invitation gone wild thousands-descend-on-tiny-dutch-town-after-facebook-invitation-goes-viral?lite• Chrysler Twitter account accidental F-bomb 1.aspx• Local ice cream company’s accidental racist Facebook response racism-Pakistan-comment-Muslim-customer.html
  16. 16. Questions? Photo: Michael Opsteegh
  17. 17. Avoid Social Media and Electronic Meltdowns Roger Renteria Twitter: @RogerRenteria