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  1. 1. An interview is a CONVERSATION Between two or more people (the interviewer and the interviewee) Where questions are asked by the interviewer To obtain information from the interviewee.
  2. 2. Interview might be either Interviewer Interviewee
  3. 3. The word Might refer to different SITUATION that have the same nature but with slight differences
  4. 4. To determine if this job & you ARE a GOOD MATCH.
  5. 5. There are some types of • • • • One to One Job Interview Panel Interview Group Interview Lunch Interview
  6. 6. The most common interview Takes place between the interviewer and interviewee.
  7. 7. The One to One Interview is a test conversation for both sides. The interviewer Asks two types of questions Technical questions: To see if the candidate is qualified for the job. General questions: To analyze problem solving critical thinking team working .
  8. 8. • Time saving form of interview. • Panel means a selection committee or interview committee that is appointed for interviewing the candidates .The panel may includes three or five members. • Collective judgment of panel regarding the candidate helps in fast decision making for selection of right candidate.
  9. 9. • In panel interview, organization wants to judge and asses. • How the candidate can communicate with others. • The way the candidate interact with different people. The skills and abilities that the candidate has
  10. 10. • In group interview, a group of candidates together meet the interviewer(s). • Candidate is “interviewed” in a group. • All the Candidates/job seekers stay in the same room during the interview.
  11. 11. • In group interview, interviewer(s) want(s) to see • The Leadership qualities of the candidates • How the candidates cope with stress • Communication skills of the candidates • How the candidates behave in the public
  12. 12. • A mealtime interview is a standard component of a sequential interview in a position that requires , Marketing , networking ,sales , business dinners, and travel. • The goal of the dinner or mealtime interview is to determine how you perform in a social setting. • Are you relaxed and charming or awkward and evasive ?
  13. 13. • Know The Position Make sure you and the position are match. • Know The Organization Where to find Information about organization. • Organization website. • Pick smart, Appropriate Clothes.
  14. 14. • Be polite and friendly to everyone . • Use positive body language . • Use specific examples . • Speak clearly, smile & show enthusiasm .
  15. 15. • Evaluate - Sit down somewhere quiet for a few minutes to think about the questions you were asked and how you might improve your answers next time. • Send a thank-you note — Manners cost nothing, so when you get home send them a quick email thanking the recruiter for their time. It might sound pointless, but you'd be surprised where being polite can get you. • Follow up — Not heard from them yet? If it’s been a while it doesn't hurt to ring or email the recruiter. Use a little common sense though, don’t just ring the next day, you’ll end up annoying them, and you don’t want that. If you didn’t get the job, you can still ask for feedback, it’ll help you for next time.
  16. 16. • Try to be alert the whole circumstances. • Negative attitude • Lack of interest + enthusiasm. • Lack of preparation. • Failure to give concrete example.