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Elcc puede#2


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Elcc puede#2

  1. 1. Meeting the Needs of English Learners in After School Programs Part 2: Supper and Homework Time
  2. 2. Review • On a post it, write down two ideas that you remember from the previous training (2 minutes) • Turn to your “elbow partner” and share what you wrote down.
  3. 3. Objectives • Learn activities to use with English Leaners to practice English during Supper • Learn activities to use with English Leaners during Homework Time
  4. 4. • English Learners need to TALK! Provide opportunities for them to practice both informal and academic English in your program • New Common Core Standards require students to interact in rigorous and complex ways. After School Programs can both prepare and support them for this task • Supper is a great time to facilitate conversations
  5. 5. Supper Activity #1: Sentence Stems “The color of this “The texture of this “The flavor of this is (red, shiny, mahogany, burgundy).” is (bumpy, rough, uneven).” is (orange, sweet, acidic, tart).”
  6. 6. Supper You Try! •With a partner chose a topic to discuss with students pertaining to food •Create sentence stems that students can use to facilitate discussion (5 minutes)
  7. 7. Supper Activity #2 Preview Material •Introduce new vocabulary for the days lesson (flashcards, word lists, etc.)
  8. 8. Supper Activity #3: Conversation starters •Choose topics to create structured talking time •Provide sentence stems or cloze writing •Topics should be interesting to students, i.e. movies, music, video games, etc.
  9. 9. Homework Time • Great time to promote academic language • Challenge yourself and students to only speak using formal, standardized English during this time • Choose common slang terms to discuss synonyms and and create thesaurus charts
  10. 10. Activity #4 Thesaurus Chart Word Definition: synonym synonym synonym synonym synonym “the bomb” really good excellent outstanding exceptional superb tremendous
  11. 11. Homework Time You Try! •In table teams, pick 3-5 slang words •Create thesaurus charts for each word, listing 5 to 7 synomyns
  12. 12. Homework Time Situational Appropriateness •We use different types of language depending on our location/relationship – Locations: mall, place of worship, fast food restaurant, museum, concert, school, home – Relationships: sibling, peer, cousin, teacher, parent, store employee
  13. 13. Homework Time Role-playing •Pair students to have a discussion based on different situations •Students write out their discussion, then practice by speaking to one another •Give students various situations so that can see the difference in the type of language to use