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Writing process 5th grade


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Writing process 5th grade

  1. 1. The Writing Process Lauri Fields
  2. 2. Prewriting: _________________________________________________ Ideas Brainstorming Discussing Drawing PicturesPlanningThinking Maps Organizing
  3. 3. Drafting: ____________________________________________________Record your thoughts on paper.Follow an outline or map from your prewriting and fill in the details.Double-space!!!DON’T STOP to look up spelling or punctuation/
  4. 4. Revising: _____________________________________________________Improve your writing:Read your writing aloud to yourself and classmates.Make changes, additions, and deletions as necessary.Repeat until you are satisfiedwith the outcome!
  5. 5. Editing: _________________________________________Fix your mistakes• Capitalization• Usage (correct grammar)• Punctuation• Spelling Reading your work should be effortless.
  6. 6. Publishing:_____________________________________________________ Share your writing with others! Read aloud. Act it out. Illustrate your story. Post it online. Try to get published! Listen to someone else read it.
  7. 7. Writing Process NotesPrewriting: Gather ideas, brainstorm, planDrafting: Just write! Don’t worry about being correct-just getyour story down.Revising: Make your story better. Get feedback. Improve.Repeat.Editing. Make it correct. CUPS (Capitalization, Usage,Punctuation, Spelling)Publish: Share! Celebrate!
  8. 8. The Writing Process