Horror poster analysis for ancillary task


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Horror poster analysis for ancillary task

  1. 1. For the ancillary task, I have to produce a horror promotion poster as well as amagazine cover. I have analysed various horror posters in this PowerPoint to giveme a general idea of typical conventions, what works well and what doesn’t. I havechosen three films that include children as main characters as our project is basedon a little girl, this will give me an insight on what I have to do to produce asuccessful ancillary task.
  2. 2. Most promotion posters that havecelebrity stars include the name at thetop of the poster, being the main focus toencourage more people to see it,however this particular one does nothinting the film doesn’t contain any bigstars. Instead, the headline ‘based on atrue story’ is used to potentially scare theaudience, knowing that it’s true wouldimmediately make the film creepier.The focus is image is of the maincharacter. The film has followed typicalconventions of a horror film using a girl asthe victim, which is seen often as womenare seen to be weaker and morevulnerable. The fact the girl is a child alsoemphasises the innocence and naivety ofthe character.
  3. 3. The colour scheme of the poster is very dull using only greys and blacks, however workseffectively as it looks stereotypically ‘scary’. Usually, a horror poster uses bright colours suchas red to signify blood, death and danger. However on this occasion the title is a neutralcolour. The font works effectively as it has almost a ‘worn out’ and ‘scratched’ look, makingthe poster looked damaged. This reflects the state of the young girls mind as she is unawareof her dangerous state.The bottom corners of the poster also looked worn, and almost as if they’ve been‘scratched’ for effect.
  4. 4. The butterflies are the main focus of theimage, juxtaposing the idea of fear asbutterflies are meant to be pretty, harmlessinsects. The colour also does this asbutterflies are known to be bright, eccentriccolours however the colour has been takenfrom the poster to juxtapose this. Theyoung girls mouth is opened suggestingthat she is distressed, her facial expressionlooks possessed to reinforce the title ‘ThePossession.’ The image looks as though thegirl would be screaming (as seen in thetrailer) which would give the audience asense of involvement as they wouldimagine the scream when they saw theposter.
  5. 5. The tagline is placed right beneath the title to immediately attract theaudiences attention as it is the second thing the audience will read on theposter. It fits in with the colour palette as it is the same colour as the title, and allthe text on the page. The tagline stands out from the black background whichhas been done purposely to grab the audience’s attention as well as look extra‘creepy’.
  6. 6. The release date is shown in a The films website is also advertisedmedium sized font, however however in much smaller font, againnot too large as it does not not to distract from the main focuses,want to distract the audience but still giving the audience a sense offrom the main focuses such as ownership as they can visit thethe image and title. website for any more information.
  7. 7. Again, there is no huge named celebritiesin the film however instead the tagline isused promoting other famous horrorfilms, which will convince the audience thatthis film will follow the good reputation ofthe two that have been advertised. Thetitle is centre frame which is effective as itimmediately attracts the audiencesattention to the name of the film. The fonthas a smudged effect, almost as if the fontis dripping down the wall, which isstereotypical as most horror posters useedgy fonts. The little girl is dressed in whitepyjamas, which highlights her innocenceand vulnerability as well as the fact she’s achild. The colour scheme is quite dullhowever the image of the man isred, signifying blood and danger, the dullcolour scheme makes this stand out more.
  8. 8. The black coloured font immediately stands out from the dull white/greybackground image. The title is very simple but extremely effective as the fontlooks as though its dripping down the wall, like blood would do, as well as thename of the film highlighting the horror to come. The tagline appearsunderneath the heading, which reinforces the title ‘Sinister’ as ‘nothing can saveyou’ which immediately establishes the genre. The fact that whatever it is hasnot been named, and is referred to as ‘him’ creates wonder and mystery for theaudience making them want to watch the film to find out who he is. The use offonts are effective as even though they are simple, they fit very well with thefocus images
  9. 9. This is the main focus image on the poster.The image of ‘him’ is painted in blood whichsuggests danger, blood, death, passion andevil. The fact the blood had dripped downthe wall fits well with the font used for thetitle. The image of ‘him’ is frightening whichwould provoke those of the target audienceto want to see it more, even though therehasn’t been much information given abouthim or who he is. The image stands outextremely well against the whitebackground, making it the main focus forthe whole poster. The film tape hintssomething more to the audience, makingthem wonder why it’s there or what it’s gotto do with the film, making them even moreeager to see the film.
  10. 10. Looking at the image, the girlsappearance immediately suggestsnaivety and innocence. Herstereotypical ‘cuteness’ would makethe audience wonder why she’s paintedthe image. Her white pyjamas highlighther purity, emphasising the fact she’sonly a young child. The fact she’s only alittle girl is very conventional of ahorror film as women and youngchildren are often used because theyappear weaker than the male, makingthem an easier target for the villain.
  11. 11. This is obviously a teaser poster as there is no specific release date, this teaser elementis used to involve the audience in the distribution process as now they have beenattracted to the poster, intrigued to see the film they will then seek the exact releasedate online or at the cinema. The official website for the film is advertised at the verybottom of the poster, the font is kept very small so that it doesn’t distract the audiencefrom the main focuses of the poster however people that are interested in seeing thefilm can seek more information by visiting the site, as well as being able to watchteaser trailers and such. This allows the audience to be involved in the digitaldistribution of the film.
  12. 12. The poster advertises a big named celebrityimmediately catching the audiences eye, thiswill make the audience and fans of the actresseager to see it. The poster’s colour scheme isvery dull, using blacks browns and whiteswhich isn’t as typical for a horror poster asusually they include colours such as red tosignify blood, evil and danger. The tagline atthe top, like with the Sinister poster, isadvertising another successful film made bythe director of this one, encouraging theaudience to go and see it as they will believethis will have as good as reputation as thefilm advertised. Again this poster features ayoung child which is a typical horror movievictim as they are seen as weak and an easyvictim, as well as women. The title is veryplain and simple, but works well against thedark background.
  13. 13. The use of simple fonts works well with the poster as it is as if the font is ‘glowing’ kindof like the mothers spirit. However, the use of the font doesn’t establish the genre veryclearly. The name of the main actress appears above the title as that is the first thingthe company wants the audience to see, giving the movie ‘star factor’ and a generalbetter reputation. The tagline ‘A mother’s love is forever.’ fits with the title ‘Mama’hinting to what the film is about however it is mysterious as the audience aren’t surewhat’s happened to the mother and child.
  14. 14. The main image is different to that of otherhorror posters, and is not typical of thegenre. Like The Possession, the butterflieshave had the colour drained from themjuxtaposing with the genre as butterflies aresupposed to be harmless and ‘pretty’. Themain focus is of the little girl as the light isshining on her face, her appearance appearsvulnerable as her expression is sad. The bodynext to her contrasts with the little girl as it isdirty, dull and grubby looking, suggestingthat the women standing next to her is herdead mother.The fact the poster has no release dateadvertised suggests it is just a teaser poster.