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Evaluation question 1


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Evaluation question 1

  1. 1. My media project challenges conventions ofreal media products in various ways.We havefollowed many conventions of a typical horrortrailer however have also challenged certainaspects. Our group wanted to create amodernised version of a previous horror film.
  2. 2. The narrative of our project is based on a previous horror film,The Possession (2012).This filmwas a modern take onThe Exorcist which was released in the 70’s. For our project we haveused conventions from these films for example our main character is a young girl whichbecomes possessed by a doll she’s bought from an old antique shop, like how the young girl inthe possession is possessed from an old box she finds at a garage sale.
  3. 3. We decided not to follow costume conventions as we wanted ourproject to appear more modern. InThe Possession the costumesare similar toThe Exorcist, wearing a white nightdress to signifyinnocence and vulnerability. In our own, we decided not to followthis convention instead dressing the child in pink whichhighlights the young age of the little girl.
  4. 4. We have followed typical conventions of ahorror trailer for the sequence as the build-upof the trailer is slow however toward the endthe shots become short and fast paced to buildup tension for the target audience (similar toThe Possession trailer).
  5. 5. For two scenes during our trailer, we used a torch from an iPhone rather than a light toensure the audience were able to see the darkness.We used the flickering effect to create afrightening effect. I believe we challenged conventions as I have never seen this donebefore, this worked effectively in our trailer making the audience fear the child.
  6. 6. Our soundtrack challenges existing mediaproducts as I believe it is different to anythingI’ve heard within the horror genre. Oursoundtrack was taken from the film Planet OfTheApes, which is a science fiction film,challenging existing trailers as it would nothave been expected in a horror however is themost significant part of our trailer.
  7. 7. Our shot types were typical of the horror genre as weused various close up shots to show our charactersemotional state as well as establishing shots to showthe eerie setting.