Awareness about engineering fields


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Awareness about engineering fields

  1. 1. Awareness About Engineering FieldsBy : Syed Rizwan TariqIndustrial Electronics Engineer (IIEE)IEEE VolunteerTeam Leader at INSIGHT ( Training & Motivational Events Planning Company)
  2. 2.  Testing your Knowledge about EngineeringPre requisites Of a Successful EngineerMajor Engineering FieldsEmerging Engineering Fields Diplomas In Engineering Fields Habit of Online Learning Grow your own business using Social Media ConclusionQueries
  3. 3. • what makes you chooseEngineering ?•Which field you going tochoose in engineering andWhy ?•In which EngineeringUniversity/Institute you wantto get admission ?•Admission criteria ofUniversities ?
  4. 4. • if an engineer has thefollowing hobbies , it wouldbe very beneficial for him.•Creativity• Team Leader•Web developer•Programmer•Interest in small robots•Dreamer
  5. 5.  Mechanical EngineeringCivil EngineeringElectrical Engineering Electronics EngineeringSoftware Engineering Mechatronics EngineeringComputer system Engineering Telecom Engineering Automotive Industrial Electronics
  6. 6. •Physics, materials science, design , manufacturing, andmaintenance of mechanical systems.•It is one of the oldest and broadest engineeringdisciplines.• responsible for industrial revolution .•Male dominated field.• design, development and manufacture of machines andmechanical engineering systems. These include enginesand turbines of various kinds, land transport vehicles,ships, aircraft, pumps and fans, air-conditioning andrefrigeration systems, building services, industrial plants,and manufacturing processes. However, practically all areasof engineering make use of the skills of the mechanicalengineer to some extent.• Great scope of this field in Pakistan•Understanding of Mechanics•Workshops : to make small object for betterunderstanding of mechanical work.•Emerging Fields are Mechatronics and AutomotiveEngineering• NUST, NED, MUET, QUEST in Sindh•NFC(faislabad), UET lahore, BZU , UET Taxila
  7. 7. •Electrical engineering mayinclude electronic engineering.Where a distinction is made, usuallyoutside of the United States,electrical engineering is consideredto deal with the problemsassociated with large-scale electricalsystems such as powertransmission and motor control• Difference Between Electronicsand Electrical Engineering•electrical engineers are usuallyconcerned with using electricity totransmit energy• Large Opportunities for Jobs• Masters in Fields Like PowerEngineering, Motor ControlEngineering etc
  8. 8. electronic engineering deals with the study of small-scale electronic systems including computers andintegrated circuits• electronic engineers are concerned with usingelectricity to process information.•Vast scope of this field in Pakistan• this field is best for Hobbiest ( for students who likesto play with robotic cars etc)• Alot of emerging fields like computer system,telecom, software, controls etc•Universities• NUST , NED, MUET, QUEST , IQRA, SSUET, IIEE, DCET,and many more• jobs :•Control System Engineer, InstrumentationDepartment ,Microcontroller related Applications ,every industry equipped with electronic controlsystems.•Fields of specialization•Control System Engineer•Instrumentation System Engineer•Embedded System Engineer•Mechatronics•Power Engineer and a lot more depending upon yourinterest
  9. 9. Computer engineering deals with thedesign of computers and computersystems. This may involve the designof new hardware, the designof supercomputers or the use ofcomputers to control an industrialplant.• More Closed to Cyber World.• Fast Growing Field• Computer Skills can make youUnique in the market•Computer engineers may also workon a systems software. However, thedesign of complex software systems isoften the domain of softwareengineering, which is usuallyconsidered a separate discipline.
  10. 10. •It is also defined as a systematicapproach to the analysis, design,assessment, implementation,testing, maintenance andreengineering of software, that is,the application of engineering tosoftware.•If you love maths, formulas &logics, Software engineering is foryou•Excellent future in pakistan.•One of the best emerging fields.•Variety of jobs available in market•Introduces the concept of softwarehouses.•Smart phones apps, networking,web , control on social media, IT,graphics designing , blogging•specialized engineers havingexpertise in particular software .•Best for personal business.
  11. 11. Telecommunication Engineering• Telecommunicationsengineering focuses onthe transmission of informationacross a channel such as a coaxcable, optical fiber or free space.• En Emerging Field of Electronicswith more focused on theWireless transmission of Data .• one may have jobs as aTransmission Engineering or fieldEngineer in companies like Ufone,Jazz , Zong etc•Less Scope In Pakistan ascompared to other EmergingFields
  12. 12. Civil Engineering• design, construction, andmaintenance of the physicaland naturally builtenvironment, includingworkslike roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings.
  13. 13. • Mechatronics Engineering
  14. 14. • Automotive Engineering•Architecture Engineering ( One of the fieldswhich are best for personal Business )• Petroleum Engineering• Chemical Engineering• Arts•Textile EngineeringDiploma in Different Fields Of Engineering1. a rapid way of learning Engineering2. one may get job after 2 or 3 years3. old methods of learning4. limited to a pay of 10 to 15k5. not able to grow with the World6. Less exposure towards relevant field
  15. 15. •How many of you know about Online Learning ?• Ever try to Google what you have Learnt here ?•Ever use Wiki Pedia ?• Virtual University Lectures ( One of the best OnlineLearning Sites In Pakistan )• Ever Use youtube for Learning Purpose rather thanlistening to songs or watching funny vedios•Youtube ( world Best online Learning Plateform )
  16. 16. •How many of you know about Term “ Social Media “ ?• How many Social Media Platforms you know ?•Ever did business from SM ?•SM- Best for personal business•If you are famous on SM, you can Earn Millions in Fewmonths.• Good Marketing of your Work may boost up yourbusiness• Best for fields related to1. Software Engineering2. Computer System Engineering3. Architecture Engineering4. Arts5. Graphics Designing6. Web Development and many more like these
  17. 17. •Find the best Field in which you can play your best part •Google that field to get more info about that field • learn to use social media to groom urself in ur respective field •Habit of online learning may make you better than othersNote :•There are no shortcuts in life, if you want to achievesomething you have to follow the process.•Think Different•If you will not accomplish your Dreams, some one will hireyou to accomplish his dreams.• I will not say I failed 100 times , I will say I discovered thereare 100 ways that can cause failure .