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Computer Science Engineering - Better Career Opportunities


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Are you looking career in computer science engineering? If yes then check out the presentation which will give you brief information about, Courses, Colleges/universities, Career & Scope in CS Engineering.

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Computer Science Engineering - Better Career Opportunities

  1. 1. Computer Science And Engineering
  2. 2. What Is Computer Science Engineering ? Computer Science is the study of the design and operation of computer hardware and software, and of the application of computer technology to science, business, and the arts.
  3. 3. Specializations Area In Computer Science Engineering Computer Science Engineering Oil & Gas Informatics Retail Informatics Cloud Computing Business Analytics
  4. 4. CS Engineering - Retail Informatics • CS Engineering program in Retail Informatics has been designed to fulfill the need for techno-managerial skills for the retail sector. • The program focuses on IT Applications in the context of the retail sector. CS Engineering - Cloud Computing CS Engineering in Cloud Computing Course offers a wide area on cloud systems, covering service-oriented design models, algorithms and mechanisms for dynamic service integration, virtualization, scalability and energy efficiency.
  5. 5. CS Engineering - Business Analytics •CS Engineering in Business Analytics program helps to prepare students for careers in "economy of tomorrow" industries. •Engineers acquired knowledge in Advanced Database and Warehousing Skills, Statistical Skills apart from normal computing skills. CS Engineering - Oil & Gas Informatics CS Engineering in Oil & Gas Informatics program provides skills and knowledge in field of application development, database, business intelligence and data warehousing and open standards.
  6. 6. Types Of Courses There are two types of courses available in computer science and engineering are: Types of course Undergraduate B.Tech B.Eng Postgraduate M.Tech
  7. 7. Some Top Colleges/Universities 1. Birla Institute of Technology and Science 2. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee 3. National Institute of Technology 4. University of Technology and Management (UTM) 5. International Institute of Information Technology 6. Thapar University
  8. 8. Scope Of Computer Science Engineering 1. The job prospects for Computer Science Engineers are increasing rapidly both in India and abroad because of the booming in this industry. 2. Employment of Computer Science Engineers is the fastest-growing occupations 3. And is projected to increase by 38 percent through the decade
  9. 9. Computer science graduates are in greater demand than ever and can expect successful job opportunities
  10. 10. Career Prospects After successful completing there program graduates can involve in various sector such as, 1. Game Programmer 2. 3D Graphics Programmer 3. Software Engineer 4. Software Developer 5. Research Assistant 6. Design Engineer 7. Web Developer 8. Application Developer
  11. 11. Career Option In Computer Science And Engineering
  12. 12. Check Out The Link For More Details On Computer Science And Engineering