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Computer Science Engineering


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Published in: Technology, Education
  • This is a very detailed take on what computer science and engineering in general is all about. For more such details, you may refer to:
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Computer Science Engineering

  1. 1. Computer Science EngineeringComputing the “Future”
  2. 2. What is Computer Science?Algorithms Programming Micro Processor
  3. 3. What is Computer Science Engineering•Computer Science is the study of the design and operation of computerhardware and software, and of the application of computer technologyto science, business, and the arts.
  4. 4. Discipline – Computer Science
  5. 5. Discipline – Computer ScienceThe work of computer scientists falls into three categories:
  6. 6. Experiencing Simple Example of Computer Science•You daily experience or use Computer Science whetherit is your School, College,Office, Industries, on Roads,in Malls, Fitness Centers, inTransportation andcommunication.•Every machine and everytechnology is computerizedwhich makes our life easyand interesting.
  7. 7. New Frontier of Computer Science Robot Space Shuttle
  8. 8. Scope in Computer Science•The job prospects for Computer Science Engineers areincreasing rapidly both in India and abroad because of thebooming in this industry.•Employment of Computer Science Engineers is the fastest-growing occupations•And is projected to increase by 38 percent through the decade
  9. 9. Career Options for Dicipline – Computer Science Computer Science Engineer9
  10. 10. Dicipline Options: Field Jobs Career – Computer Science10