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1st Eucalyptus Bay Area Meet Up


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1st Eucalyptus Bay Area Meet Up

  1. 1. Agenda•  Welcome & Introduction•  Company Overview•  Eucalyptus Technical Discussion•  Q & A•  Call to Action eetup #e ucam
  2. 2. Eucalyptusis the world’s mostwidely deployedprivate cloudsoftware platform.AWSCloud on their hardware Eucalyptus Cloud on your hardware
  3. 3. Eucalyptus facts•  Largest installed base – over 30,000 clouds started•  Largest partner ecosystem – over 200 software partners•  Founding member of the Open Virtualization Alliance•  Started in 2007 as an NSF-funded research project at UC Santa Barbara, incorporated in Jan 2009•  Operations in USA, China, India & EU•  Strong management team•  Growing rapidly
  4. 4. Who uses Eucalyptus?
  5. 5. Deep partner ecosystemPlatform Data Center Cloud Cloud Automation Services Services Mgmt
  6. 6. Major Features•  Hypervisor agnostic IaaS management platform•  Manages virtualized compute, storage and networking resources•  Exposes those resources via web services API•  Provides an image catalogue•  Fine-grained resource access control
  7. 7. Architecture Overview• Cloud Controller •  Cloud level - Virtual Resource System •  AWS EC2 Compatible Node Controller• Walrus Storage VM •  Persistent data store VM VM •  Bucket-based, like S3 Resource Admin Cluster Controller VM• Cluster Controller SAN •  Node level - Virtual Resource System Cloud Controller •  Manage Virtual Network Storage Controller• Storage Controller •  Block accessed network storage Walrus Storage ESX Cluster Controller ESXi •  Like EBS• Node Controller NAS VMware Broker •  VM management Storage Controller •  Instance management• VMware Broker •  ESX, ESXi management •  vCenter server compatible
  8. 8. HA Architecture•  Active/Passive hot spare•  Withstands software and hardware component failures•  Flexible HA configurations •  Configure all hot spares in a separate racks •  Configure individual hot spares close to cloud service components
  9. 9. Hybrid Clouds with Compatible Amazon AWS API EC2 EBS S3 IAM Identity and Elastic Elastic Storage Access Compute Block Store Management Cloud Storage Eucalyptus Walrus Controller Controller IAM
  10. 10. Resource Access Control Active LDAP Directory Cloud User Interface /•  Map AD/LDAP to Cloud Management Tools Eucalyptus ’accounts’, ’groups’ and ‘users’ API•  Amazon IAM API Eucalyptus Identity Authorization and Management Web Services compatible Accounts, Groups, Users, Policies, Certs, Keys •  Define fine-grained Virtual Cloud Resources policies using IAM Compute Network Storage syntax Virtual Resource System Images, VMs, Reports, Volumes Physical Resources
  11. 11. Hypervisors and Guest Images •  Hypervisor Agnostic –  Xen, KVM, VMware •  Images –  AWS-Compatible: Eucalyptus Machine Images –  Persistent "Boot from EBS" instances •  Sources –  Eucalyptus pre-certified images –  Install your own –  3rd party tools: rPath, BoxGrinder, etc
  12. 12. Q&A
  13. 13. Call to Action1.  Go play with the 3-devel code – –  agrimmsreality.blogspot.com2.  Join the community mailing list and ask us a question –  lists.eucalyptus.com3.  Find us on IRC and say hello –  #eucalyptus on freenode4.  Check out projects –  projects.eucalyptus.com5.  Follow us on twitter –  @eucalyptuscloud6.  Subscribe for the newsletter –