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NIC 2013 - Configure and Deploy Private Cloud


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NIC 2013 - Configure and Deploy Private Cloud

  1. 1. Configure and Deploy theMicrosoft Private CloudKristian NeseCTOLumagate
  2. 2. About Kristian NeseCTO at Lumagate, vTSP at MicrosoftWorking in IT since 2006MCP, MCTS, MCITP, MVPExperienced with virtualization, cloud computing and IT-infrastructureMicrosoft Most Valuable Professional – System Center Cloud and DatacenterManagementAuthor of «Cloud Computing – Med Virtual Machine Manager 2012»Technical Editor of «Microsoft Private Cloud Computing» and several others,including «Hyper-V 2012 Cookbook»
  3. 3. AGENDAo Cloud Computing – Repetitiono Cloud considerations: Addressed with Windows Server 2012o Configure and Deployo Monitoring and Operatingo Service Delivery and Automationo Q&A
  4. 4. What is Cloud Computing?Deployment Hybrid CloudModels Private Cloud Community Public Cloud Cloud Software – as a ServiceService Infrastructure – as a Service Platform - as a Service (PaaS) (SaaS) (IaaS)Models On Demand Self ServiceEssentialCharacteristics Broad Network Access Elasticity Resource Pooling Measured Service
  5. 5. Public Cloud• Globally available to many customers and organizations• Massive scale• SLA based• Pay-as-you-go• Can help to reduce cost (TCO)• Microsoft, Amazon and Google
  6. 6. Private Cloud• Dedicated to an organization• Either locally or externally• Easier to secure than Public Cloud• Faster migration• Same essential characteristics as a Public Cloud• The difference is ownership, control and security
  7. 7. Service Models IaaS PaaS SaaS Applications Applications Applications Org Data Data Data Runtime Runtime Runtime Org Middleware Middleware Middleware Cloud O/S O/S O/S Cloud Virtualization Virtualization Virtualization Servers Servers Servers Cloud Storage Storage Storage Networking Networking Networking
  8. 8. Building your own cloud just got a lot easier with Windows Server 2012
  9. 9. Cloud Considerations
  10. 10. Cloud Considerations• Mission Critical, • Continuous Availability Scale Up Workloads • VM Mobility• Storage • Networking • Costs • Multi-Tenancy, Security • Complexity • LBFO • Security • QoS • Automation/Manageability
  11. 11. System Center 2012 Service Pack 1
  12. 12. System Center Helps Deliver IT as a Service Configure Deploy App Controller Orchestrator Virtual Machine Manager Service Operations Manager Service Delivery Model and Configuration Self Service Manager Automation Data Protection App Manager DCOwner Admin Service Manager Service Manager Monitor Operate Service Delivery and Application Management Infrastructure Management Automation
  13. 13. Configure and DeployThe Private Cloud
  14. 14. Configure and DeployInfrastructure/Fabric Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Virtual Servers Deploy Configure Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Physical Servers
  15. 15. Configure and DeployZero to Hyper–V Cluster Virtual Machine Manager Server Configure Boot and Install Hyper–V Cluster Bare Metal Server Storage Network
  16. 16. Configure and DeployConstructing the Private Cloud Standardized servicesDevelopment Production Delegated capacity Assign dedicated and shared resources Cloud abstraction Logical and standardized Diverse infrastructureProduction Datacenter One Datacenter TwoDevelopment
  17. 17. Configure and DeployPooled Resources and Abstraction Network Storage Computer
  18. 18. Configure and DeployDynamically Optimized Infrastructure Resource Utilization Optimization Threshold Time of Day
  19. 19. Configure and DeployStandardized Application Provisioning Service template (Multi-tier .NET applications) Web tier Application tier Data tier Scale-out and health policy Scale-out and health policy Scale-out and health policy Internet Information Service Web Application App-V Server server Data (SQL) SQL Server (IIS) (IIS) Hardware Operating Application Hardware Operating Application Hardware Operating Application profile system profile profile system profile profile system profile profile profile profile Compute Storag Networ e k
  20. 20. Configure and DeployServices in a heterogeneous environment Virtual Machine Manager Host Group vCenter Server Microsoft Hyper-V VMware vSphere 5.1 Citrix XenServer 6.1
  21. 21. Configure and Deploy Pending serviceLife-Cycle Management of Services update• Choose service template from library• Deploy an instance of the service• Copy the service template, update version number, and Service Template update virtual disk Service Template v1.5v1.0 or application• Publish the template and set the service to the new template• Apply the update while maintaining availability of the service by replacing the virtual hard disk v1. Deployed Service Instance Template Library and redeploying the 5 0 application using Upgrade Domains
  22. 22. DEMO• Create Private Clouds with VMM• Assign capacity to Self-Service Users and Tenants• Exploring Services in VMM
  23. 23. Monitoring and OperatingThe Private Cloud
  24. 24. Configure and DeployManaging applications across multiple clouds Deplo Monito y r Hyper-V Manag e Application management across private and public
  25. 25. Configure and DeployDeep insight into application performance Server-Side Code execution– Client-Side level information• Collect data from the .NET • Page load times and where calls the time was spent (such as• Application methods images, and CSS)• Variables and parameters • JavaScript exceptions• Types of calls being made, • Data is collected by injecting web methods, internal custom JavaScript on the execution, SQL commands page Rich visualization
  26. 26. Configure and DeployOpen the conversation Server-side monitoring shows the application is functioning “The Network“My application Client-side, looks good” is running however, shows there is a problem slowly!” “The servers “The code are running passed all fine” testing” Application performance monitoring pinpoints exactly where the issue is, reducing the mean time to resolution
  27. 27. Configure and Deploy Flexible, Dynamic, and Well-Managed Private Cloud OPTIMIZED CONTROLLED STANDARDIZED RIGHT-SIZEDHelp ensure that the Help protect your private Standardize your Report on the currentservices running in your cloud infrastructure by approach to application utilization of your privateprivate cloud get the setting limits on your and OS updating. Use a cloud, trend usage overresources they need, and clouds while ensuring the controlled process to time, and forecast futurethat your cloud correct application update services through needs.dynamically reallocates owners have access to service templates.resources as demand their cloud resources.changes.
  28. 28. Configure and DeployCreate visibility into application performance Create and publish meaningful dashboards Deep application insight Rich visualization of application performance and business impact
  29. 29. Configure and DeployPrivate Cloud Usage Reporting Choose date range Choose hosts View results
  30. 30. DEMOMonitor and Operate the Private Cloud with Operations Manager
  31. 31. Configure and DeployOrchestrator & Service Manager
  32. 32. Configure and Deploy Inbound to System Center Bi-directional from Orchestrator Integration Bi-directional for notifications/reporting Bi-directional runbook integration Virtual Machine Manager Operations Manager Service Manager Orchestrator Data Warehouse Configuration Manager Active DirectoryNotifications via Exchange LOB Service Third-Party Manager Management Tools Automation commands issued toitems outbound notificationspopulated into CMDB workflows Bi-directional connector forand and automation data executing automation Configuration System Center, third-party tools, and line-of-business applications Inbound automation activities and and reporting
  33. 33. Configure and DeployService Delivery and Automation Architecture Release Change Self-Service Operations Incident IT GRC Management Management Management Management Mobile Email Portal Self Service Reporting and data warehousing Service catalog CMDB Templates Work Items Knowledge Standardization Configuration Items Workflows Third party Automation management tools
  34. 34. Configure and DeployAutomated Request Fulfillment in Six Steps Create a „New VM‟ request Import deploy Build „New VM‟ Publish „New 4 VM request offering VM‟ to Service CREATE runbook and Catalog data 1 2 3 INVOKE MONITOR 5 6 Invoke deploy VM runbook Monitor for new VM created and deployed
  35. 35. Configure and DeployAutomate Remediation Service Manager IR2667 Orchestrator Operations Manager Virtual Machine Manager SQL Server 1 SQL Server 2 Data Protection Manager
  36. 36. DEMOService Delivery & Automation with Orchestrator and ServiceManager
  37. 37. Q&A