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Ulysses Digital Variorum


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Ulysses Digital Variorum

  1. 1. Research: Site Problem Users, Strategic Interaction Features and Architecture Sitemap Wireframes Statement Context, Goals Flow Functionality Overview Content
  2. 2. Since it was first released in 1922, many versions Ulysses have been published, each slightly different than its predecessors. It’s of interest to amateurs and literary scholars Goal: Create a digital variorum edition that accommodates all types of users
  3. 3. Digital tool to compare multiple editions Easy to use Ability to take, share, and view other people’s notes.
  4. 4. Convenient to compare Time-saving tool to find specific lines, quotes Help choosing a version of the book Additional resources to support comprehension
  5. 5. 1922 1961 1986
  6. 6. The first edition of James Joyce’s Ulysses was published in 1922 Contained many typographical and printing errors Many more versions printed › 1961: a ‘Corrected and Reset’ edition published ‘Joycewars’ › 1986: Hans Walter Gabler published a ‘definitive’ edition › John Kidd contested the Gabler version of the text Ulysses’ long and complicated publishing history generates a need for a digital variorum of the book. Website will allow access to all versions of the book and be of interest to scholars and amateurs
  7. 7. Every Edition and version of Ulysses Whole textural documents of Ulysses Textual notes from different reviewers Location of each version of Ulysses in the organizations Journal papers or related research papers Online resources
  8. 8. Emphasize Functionality Simplify Allow Navigation and Personalization Accessibility Support Scaffold Close Collaboration Reading
  9. 9. Main Menu Start Screen Latest Four Gates Editions Recommender Annotations & Comments Resources Filtering Select Edition Questionnaire Feeds Links Viewing Page Reading Page Viewing Page Page Reading
  10. 10. Features and Functionality
  11. 11. Features and Functionality
  12. 12. Features and Functionality
  13. 13. Features and Functionality