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Using web tools for better project collaboration.


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A presentation aimed at project managers, team leaders and team members to help them get into the collaborative web space. The origianal target audience is local governmant employees.

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Using web tools for better project collaboration.

  1. 1. Web Tools Using Web Tools for Better Project Collaboration
  2. 2. Why? Because you want to…
  3. 3. Why? share
  4. 4. Why? manage time
  5. 5. Why? work from home
  6. 6. Why? be mobile
  7. 8. Docs
  8. 9.
  9. 10. Communication z z z z want more than email
  10. 12. more than a phone
  11. 13.
  12. 15. Research ) Use tags
  13. 16. Aggregate aggregate tags
  14. 17. Project and Task Management
  15. 18. Project Management find a toolbox you like